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Louis Vuitton – History of the world famous brand and the best of his works

Louis Vuitton is not just the French quality and luxury, and a fashion corporation that produces well-known clothing, shoes, perfumes and accessories. Jewelry, glasses, watches, belts and scarves of the brand are always stylish additions to respectable images.

All sorts of things from Louis Vuitton, handbags, perfumes and shoes to suits and coats – a rare combination of absolute comfort, chic and modern trends in one set. This choice is not just the world of celebrities, but successful women who are used to being the center of attention.

The history of the brand Louis Vuitton

Almost two centuries on the world’s biggest fashion brand Louis Vuitton, which still bears the name of its founder is one of the leading places. The cards were and remain travel bags and various bags made of distinctive fabric with logo and lettering. The first store was opened in 1854 by Louis Vuitton in the Elysian fields and was called “Louis Vuitton: Malletier a Paris – Louis Vuitton Leatherbags Paris”. The company’s products were so good that the success came immediately, and among the respected customers was the imperial family of France.

The legendary fabric and logo itself, objedive two capital letters Louis Vuitton in a single sign was developed in 1895 by Georges Vuitton, who from 1892 led the paternal company. Under his leadership the cult of the model was created: in 1896 the bag “Monogram Canvas” and in 1932 the unique “Speedy”. In the mid-20th century, the Louis Vuitton brand began producing clothing and unique accessories under the name of the company, and in 1987, the holding company LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) became famous for its luxury products

At various times at the forefront of the company were the most talented fashion designers: Yves Carcel, Stephen Gatte, Sofia Coppola. The artistic director of Louis Vuitton since 1997 was Marc Jacobs, who designed the first collection of clothing and accessories prêt-a-porter. Seven times in different times the brand occupied the leading position in the top ten most expensive luxury brands, their people were, Sally Wright, Pele, Zidane, Maradona, Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Natalia Vodianova and other celebrities. In 2019, the company was run by a young and talented designer Nicolas Sexier.

Clothing Louis Vuitton

In everyday life and evening dress Louis Vuitton every woman will look stunning, and when a handbag to complete, shoes and accessories, then the onion becomes one of the most presentable and luxurious. For its products, the brand uses valuable natural materials, leather, fur, suede, light and flowing fabrics. Along with solid things in fashion clothes with different prints: checkered, striped, floral and ethnic designs; and designer decorations: embroidery, appliqués, openwork inserts

New collection clothing Louis Vuitton is designed to meet all modern trends and influences. This season, the French brand presented:

  • various blouses and pullovers with drop length and asymmetrical cut;
  • classic skinny pants, leather pants and bell boots, culottes and pipes;
  • Skirts and elegant suits with original decoration
  • Clothes from jackets and coats to a coat and fur coats.

Louis Vuitton shoes

The highlight of the shoe collection companies Louis Vuitton have become unique sneakers, soft and supple, they sit perfectly on the leg, and the sole is equipped with the latest innovative technologies. The result is an original design and absolute quality guarantee from Louis Vuitton. For warm shoes autumn and winter shoes and boots of this brand characteristic “rough” embossed outsole, the presence of a cowboy’s heel and toe.

On the rise options with an extended cloth collar, imitate socks and model Cossacks with a tapered thick heel and narrow toe. Sandals and shoes Louis Vuitton is an elegant solution made of smooth and embossed leather with a variety of decor:

  • Binding, lacing, connecting strips;
  • Elements of the “Greek” and “Gladiator”.

Accessories Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton creates stylish and practical accents with its simple, casual and elegant bows. A wonderful addition, in addition to the handbags of Louis Vuitton, gloves, eyewear, purses and bags for gadgets, and waistline on a dress or suit will perfectly accentuate brand leather belts. The casually thrown scarf and the hours of the business on the handles will immediately draw you into the center of attention, and the well-tuned, persistent and elegant taste will leave a thin feather even after your departure.

Wallet Louis Vuitton

Pattern matches French charm wallet Louis Vuitton from signature canvas and embossed, smooth and exotic leather. Absolutely the presence of logo or typical castle. What styles does this season offer?

  • Purse on the buttons in blue, gray, pink, red, purple, white, blue, yellow Design and a suitcase with gold or silver Hardware of traditional drawing.
  • Original colorful wallets with inscriptions and abstract prints and voluminous zip pocket
  • Belt Louis Vuitton

    Belt Louis Vuitton has successfully covered the waist or hips, they can be narrow and average wide, are made only of natural, smooth and embossed leather or real canvas in a cage and brand colors. Seasonal novelties: narrow beige belt with a neoclassical buckle wide belts in dark and light, rich colors with a castle logo made of textured material. A trivial belt from the Supreme collection, which appeared in the red-brown color palette.

    Scarf Louis Vuitton

    Like wraps with sheepskin famous scarves for ladies Louis Vuitton mega popular this season, and fashionistas around the world love to complement their pictures. Designers are made of a soft and warm wool, cashmere and shiny fabrics, while light products – made of natural linen and silk. Fashion scarves square with narrative drawings, abstract and ethnic motifs created by famous artists. These masterpieces were designed specifically for the company logo to be framed at the edges or in the center with interesting patterns.

    Scarf Louis Vuitton

    Sunglasses Louis Vuitton

    Impeccable Summer Accessory – Modern Goggles Louis Vuitton has the shape of a butterfly or cat’s eye a la like neo or vintage graphic frames. Not descended from the podium and fuzzy round square glasses in colorful frames with the presence of the logo and the name of the collection of the prestigious brand. Hot-hit – mutated form Tasadi not only in metal, but also in a thin plastic. When John Lennon they were little circles, then in the spirit of the time, Louis Vuitton released the ovals and drops “the aviator.”

    Watch Louis Vuitton

    Another more expensive but undeniably stylish accent in Luke Watches Louis Vuitton presents a host of massive trend of “smart” “masculine” models of Tambour, perfect for business suits and casual ensembles. Fine quartz and mechanical watches, with ornate and clear dials, branded bracelet or gold or silver bracelets adorn your hands during evening events and appearances.

    Watch Louis Vuitton

    Case Louis Vuitton

    Do you want to be there? Trend, choose colorful covers from Louis Vuitton natural embossed leather and branded canvas in the familiar dark brown, red and interesting bright colors, the brand designed for modern gadgets such as cell phones, smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads and netbooks. An expensive pleasure, new eye-cover trunk is worth more than the device itself, but original and beautiful, the original flaums uvekovechivaya name of the founder Louis Vuitton in the form of a company logo.

    Perfume Louis Vuitton

    First perfume Louis Vuitton was created in 1927 under the title Heures d Absence Louis Vuitton, but the latest series of Les Perfumes Louis Vuitton, consisting of seven different flavors, appeared in 2018. Their way was not as smooth as the bags, in the beginning the flavors went through a fiasco, and only when he began a collaboration with the perfumer Jacques Cavallier, perfume Louis Vuitton gained an honorable leader.

    Together with the popular in the last century B. Je Te II and Reminiscences, the new collection contains the persistent odors of women with pleasant basic notes and the original features, which were developed by perfumer Jacques Cavalier-Belletra:

    • Apogee, Contre Moi and Dans la Peau;
    • Matiere Noire and Mille Fleux;
    • Rose of the vents and turbulence

    Louis Vuitton Bag [19659004] Something without which you can not imagine a fashion show of the French fashion house, Louis Vuitton handbags, which have been the main business products of this brand since its founding. In the New Year, the brand not only introduced a legendary classic with cherished logo to honor a variety of geometric designs for the honor they felt, and Royals, and the rich and famous personality, and the original frame trunks and suitcases, saddlebags and mega clutches bear shapes, from square and rectangle to oval, cylinder and circle.

    Louis Vuitton bag

    Trending small leather backpacks Louis Vuitton, and novelties from the world famous brand steel mini belt bags and vintage handbags in a style of the 80s the twentieth century. Latest hits: the retro bananas and sleek “hard” bags with a short handle, both smooth and embossed leather in blue, beige and milky white colors. To start, soft leather combines signature canvas and patent leather to carry a thin metal chain and narrow straps at the shoulders. The main difference to the original DIY – the presence of the logo and the lining with a characteristic pattern.

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