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Mantel – who comes and what does he wear?

Coat – who comes and what does one wear?
Coat – the original and so comfortable style of clothing that promptly bursts in boot-women’s wardrobe. Stylish cut and the similarity to self-made robe will make your everyday life comfortable and stylish.

Each new season is marked by the enchanting appearance of a new, comprehensive trend that plays the first violin in orchestral fashion. Coat – bright trend, controversial outerwear with great success this year

Coat 2018

An interesting combination of two seemingly incompatible things – not the most attractive clothes and the most popular top winter clothing – caused a sensation. Visual Coat is a loose version of a straight cut that does not contain any visible fasteners or buttons. Flooring products are kept by the use of the tape.

Consciously conscious design is one of the special features. The model is appreciated by women because of the comfortable shape, non-limiting movement. The benefits of a trendy 2018 Belted coat include:

  • If the garment has buttons or hidden hooks, the padded coat can be worn without the belt.
  • The described model is universal, but also combined with a strict skirts – pencils and small boats, and with the affordable jeans – boyfriends and sneakers.
  • It is worn by the fair good with every figure. Although the type of hourglass is always the winning silhouette

Fashionable coat

As described above, coat with a belt has certain limitations in cut and design. But that does not stop him from being diverse, so there’s plenty to choose from:

  • Variant with hood practical and comfortable.
  • Lovers of the romantic style will love the knitted model.
  • One of the fashionable variants is decorated with fur, natural or artificial.
  • Her way stylishly complements the oversized coat.
  • Different length: short or long, this coat will be your favorite thing in the postseason.

Coat with hood

Such an interesting and comfortable model I love women who want to do without hats. And when the wind blows suddenly, the hood protects the head from the cold and drafts. Even if you do not consider the practical aspect, Lady’s Mantle conceals youth and fresh looks, making it easy and simple to form the basis of a bold and dramatic bow.

Knitted coat

Knitted things that were lost long ago have recognized retro plaque and have become a full-fledged fashion trend, with a large number of fans. A classic cut over the cuddly and soft knit takes on an elegant fleur of romance that loves beauties of all ages. This original version gently hugs the female curves and softens the angles.

The options presented in shops and boutiques of fashionable women’s clothes, you can choose any interest:

  • Overly popular with great knits. This model is only suitable for slim girls as it adds a visual volume.
  • Still relevant a variety of dimensional patterns in the form of interwoven braids, braids, buttons.
  • A central element of the knitted products could be its collar made of stretched knit loops or as a contrast to the fur
  • Decoration for your winter wardrobe can be a coat dress with a viscous gum
  • This outerwear can not only have one color (eg purple or gray coat)), and two-tone, striped.
  • Good neighbor binding with inserts or belt of leather, suede.

Coat with fur

Another spectacular finish, characteristic of the garment, as a coat-cut bathrobe, it is fur. Fur decor – bright trend of last year, not lost popularity and in the present. The classic scenario is when the coat is concentrated on the collar and cuffs. Winter coat with insulation is a good alternative to a coat or jacket.

Particularly luxurious look of the model, where the color of cashmere or wool contrasts with the tone of the fur. From original versions, a decent place in your wardrobe, there are also products with a large fur patch pockets. In many models are removable as a collar and other fur inserts, which wins the variety of your wardrobe.

Coat oversize

If you need winter clothing, able to accentuate the fragility of the maiden camp or hide volume superior, a more appropriate style than the oversized, hard to imagine. Staggered shoulder line, box-shaped fit that makes you feel as if it were one size larger than another’s shoulder – all features of this extraordinary style.

Oversized coat that suits every style: favorite jeans and sneakers, stiletto heels or stiletto heels looks just as stylish. The lower part of the mantle may be straight, but is more commonly cut cocoon, when the bottoms of the clothing on the ground is significantly narrowed. Creative model of soft velvet can be decorated with geometric seams.

short coat

Short silhouette, ideal for your wardrobe with many skirts and dresses Outerwear easily combined with any style Torch, sun, year, folded, pencil. In addition, a short coat comes to all women, regardless of their growth. Often this variant of a belt. This season, properly carefree bonded belt, as if you really only came home clothes. When talking about the color palette, a favorite of the year remains a powdery, crimson, gray, beige coat.

Long coat

Variation of soil color is almost only tall girls have little growth. Elegant style visually extends the silhouette and adds the figure of harmony and emphasizes delicious shapes. Without a belt, the top is worn with a pair of pants and a shirt / blouse / sweater. Just cut, like a male jacket, you can make an interesting bow with jeans and sneakers / sneakers.

Silk / satin summer models are wide open, combined with costumes underwear style. The product with a concise design wears sporty pants or tuxedo pants. Great business style with extra long models. In terms of color combinations, the stylists suggested combining different shades of them (eg blue coat with cornflower blue outfit) or with contrasting tones.

What to wear with a coat?

A deceptively simple cut, which has the current off-season outerwear version, often confronts the lucky owners of the problem, wearing coat with a belt, to skillfully highlight your strengths and look modern and stylish. The pictures will help to make no mistakes and not out of place and look weird.

One can connect the own cabinet only with the recommendations:

  • Wear under a coat dress or with a slightly flared skirt. Complete the picture with a scarf.
  • The choice of skirts is wider than a pencil will help to create the perfect business arc, well folded on weekdays, and the mini will show slender legs.
  • To prefer from pants Recommended short tubes, thin leather and just classic models arrow
  • When comfort comes first, do not avoid the favorite jeans (a thin, classically straightforward, relevant IOM, boyfriends) and oversized sweaters.
  • In Luka it should be a bright element. If you have a red coat, wear it with dull hem and discreet accessories.
  • Stylish image are issued culottes in the Union with a trimmed trench coat with belt.

What to wear with a coat

What shoes to wear coat?

Few restrictions and in terms of choosing the right shoes. When choosing the latter, consider the overall style of the image:

  • A business suit, a set of skirts and blouses, can be worn on a sturdy heel with tight or wide boots or shoes. Boats are another great option.
  • If you need a festive bow, a better choice than boots, shoes or ankle boots with heels, it’s hard to imagine.
  • When coats are worn shorts, the look is completed with ankle boots, loafers, siderale.
  • If outerwear is made of fine fabric, wear closed sandals or open toe shoes in warm weather.
  • If you prefer a less feminine version, please consider the casual style. Shawl with sneakers is appropriate when wearing jeans, leather pants or sports knit dress.

What shoes to wear coat

How to wear a coat Dress with scarf?

The scarf or leader is often not so much a functional element of the picture as its last point:

  • When the cold wind adorns the neckline of Sodom, it is easy to protect the head when needed
  • A simple scarf can be tied in several layers under or over a coat around the neck, and you can throw it over the collar.
  • If coat with the smell of uni, stole or scarf can be made of plaid or a complicated pattern
  • Model printing requires a monochrome accessory. The tone of the clothing and the scarf do not have to match – now it is irrelevant.
  • But skillful use is welcome in various shades of one color, for example the pearl model is good with a graphite neck with a handkerchief. 19659063] What do you have to wear?

    Another important accessory – headdress – does not have to attract all the attention. So choose a hat, the right style, but not bright colors:

    • If the picture is decorated in elegant tones, complete with hat, hat or cap. Acceptable playfulness with hats decorated with ears.
    • Casual bow allows the use of hats, hat, cap and world turned.
    • In cold weather, well-insulated models are combined fur hats.
    • Set of knit hat and scarf set is appropriate if the picture is not a strict deal.
    • Better if the accessory is in contrast to the clothes: for example, the pink coat is gorgeous with a black or gray cap.

    Who is coat?

    With proper choice of the model of this extraordinary style, every girl meets the slender and full girl:

    • Lean fashion fans a tangible advantage – whatever option you choose, it still looks stylish.
    • For ladies with the hourglass type, the situation is similar – each variant only adorns it.
    • But girls with type inverted triangle need to be careful elevated shoulder line can visually add volume to this b ody part.
    • Lush ladies is a perfect wool or wool coat of medium length with a wide belt
    • High beauty on the face of any length, while a petite girl can be satisfied with cropped clothes and go high on her knees

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