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Medium Bob Haircuts for 2019

Medium Bob Haircuts for 2019 Straight middle bob haircut

This is a great style for just thick locks. It is very stylish, attractive and tends to make your face beautiful. This straight medium bob fits many face shapes and is more seductive in trendy hair colors. You can color it in a beautiful ombre style or in a monotone stylish hue such as tan, sun kissed blonde or natural looking red.

Medium Bob Haircuts for 2019 Mid wavy bob with highlights

Wavy hairstyles usually look nicer with some eye-catching highlights. If you have naturally wavy hair and want to bring it up to date, you can opt for a ravishing midline and add strands on the front strands that frame your face. This is a great hairstyle for every season and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Medium Bob Haircuts for 2019 Curly Medium Bob with side pony

Maybe this is one of the most seductive hairstyles you can wear. The soft and discreet curls look very filigree with stylish side pony and trendy honey blond hair colors. It’s a fantastic hairstyle for layered, thick or fine hair. You can opt for special events.

Medium Bob Haircuts for 2019 Natural curly middle bob

For natural curly beauties I offer this beautiful, super feminine and girlish hairstyle. This mid-size bob is perfect to stand out from the crowd and give you a more beautiful expression.

Medium Bob Haircuts for 2019 Layered / Razor Cut Medium Bob Haircut

Medium Bob Haircuts for 2019 As I mentioned earlier, layered and razor-cut mid-size bob hairstyles are great for fine hair. They give your hair fullness and depth and make it look voluminous.

Medium Bob Haircuts for 2019 Middle Shag Bob with highlights

Here you can see a fashionable, unique medium Shag Bob with eye-catching highlights. Highlights are mainly added to the front piece and the pony to make the look more impressive and intriguing. The chaotic effect achieved by shaggy waves makes the haircut even more noticeable.

Medium Bob Haircuts for 2019 Medium Bob with Blunt Bangs

Dull bangs usually go with straight hair and if you have medium straight bob haircuts, you can change their appearance with dull bangs. They give your hairstyle a youthful and fresh note. On the other hand, you can hide your big forehead with the help of this fringe.

Medium Bob Haircuts for 2019 Medium Bob with Side Swept Pony

If you like side-swept pony, you can combine it with your straight or wavy haircut. This pony fits different hair types and is designed in both short and long lengths. Side Sweep Pony are trendy in 2019 and tend to soften your haircut. So, you can spot it with your middle bob haircut.

Medium Bob Haircuts for 2019


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