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Men’s Edgy Hairstyles for 2019

Modern men love to be trendy, and that’s really cool. It’s no secret that men’s hairstyles are very versatile. Here I have Men edged hairstyles for 2018 added. If you’re a fashionable man looking for a way to add a touch of elegance to your style, these looks are definitely for you. Well-known hairstylists know how to give their customers the best. With striking hairstyles like these you can never be wrong. Take a look at the pictures below and do not forget to take your favorite picture with you.

Messy Short Crop

There are so many reasons why short hairstyles are so popular. Short hairstyles are pretty versatile. With short hair you can not go wrong. The following short crop is for those with thin, fine hair. It also works well for men with a receding hairline. The thing we love about this headdress is the messy texture. It provides abundance. For styling, you can run your fingers through your hair and you’re done.

Short feathery harvest

This longer crop has characteristic waves, bangs and texture – every single pattern for a trendy haircut. The strands were layered on top to create a feathery appearance. Shorter strands draw attention to the hair on the top. It is an impressive hairstyle that will also show your face shape. It also works for men with a longer face.


Red hair coloring and taper

Somehow it is also unusual to see men with a strong hair color. In addition to a lively orange-red hue, there is also an impressive haircut. This tapered haircut is styled in a sideways curved style to accentuate the bold hue. Whether you choose to change your hair color or not, this is the best idea you should consider.

Side Part Hairstyle

If you fancy a bit longer hairstyles, this medium length hair may be your preferred choice. It’s a fabulous headwear for those who love hipster styles. I assure you that this page swept hairstyle will make you popular on Instagram. When it comes to creating a hairstyle like this, just apply a hair product and comb the hair on the side.

Side part of hairstyle

Textured hairstyle

Do you want to raise your haircut a little bit? Consider giving your curls a blonde hair color and styling them in a messy pattern. It is provided with additional texture. It’s a fresh haircut that you can accept to make a statement. Keep the pages short to alert you to your tip.

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