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Mental Ideas for Tiger Eye Hair Colors

For colorists everything is a source of inspiration. This time, they have their inspiration drawn directly from gemstones and the tiger eye hair color is the result of it. This stone is a little brownish with shades of gold and bronze. They add a splash of color to the strand and at the same time ensure a cheeky hair color. So here I have selected the best versions of tiger eye hair colors that both blondes and brunettes can try.

Chestnut Tiger Eye

The best tiger eye hair color inspiration is right here. This multidimensional color has a maroon hue with the most beautiful gold tint. The touch of gold looks pretty cool when combined with dark brown hair colors. If you opt for such a shade, ask your hair colorist to start the highlights from the middle of your hair to create an illusion of super-long strands.
Edgy Tiger Eye for women with short hair

Get your favorite tiger eye hair color and personalize it to your own preference. In fact, Tiger Eye hair color looks great on both long and short strands. Here’s a version of how you can experiment with color if you have short hair. The key to this look is a trendy angled short bob. Once you get it, just go for the tiger eye on the angled part of your crop, just like the example shown below.

Tiger eye and strawberry accents

It has never been so fun to mix different sounds. I mean something, if you introduce some strawberry accents into your tiger eye hair color. Well, look at this amazing hair color, it has everything from golden highlights to strawberry accents. The most important thing on the screen, however, is that you should place the highlights strategically.

Barely There tiger-eye hair color

If you have just thought about changing the color of your strands, then this coloristic solution is for you. There are hardly any highlights that interest boring strings. Rock this amazing tiger-eye hair color by dipping only the tips of your streaks. Your hair will stay natural, especially if you hug your natural texture. The color requires a little commitment.

Blonde tiger eye hair color

This tiger eye is on the blond spectrum. A touch of gold perfectly complements the sun-kissed blond hair. It’s more of an option for blondes than brunettes. It requires a touch of rose gold and biscuit brown at the roots. Gorgeous waves are handy to bring your hair color a little higher. Try it and you will never regret it.


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