Military style – 46 photo-fashion photos for every day

Military style – 46 photos for every day
The military style is one of the most popular trends in modern women’s fashion. Shortness and restraint and the independence of such images will always put the girl on the background of the other and emphasize her self-confidence and practicality.

In modern fashion, stylists often insist on such qualities as determination, trust, strength of character and independence. The ideal solution would be a military style – a direction that not only emphasizes its individuality, but remains practical, functional, active throughout the day.

History of the military style

Military trend in women’s fashion emerged in the early century and was initially more of a necessity than a new trend. The conditions for the emergence of such a wardrobe were in the post-war period, when clothing was scarce. The girls had to sew their own clothes, skirts and other uniforms and military uniforms of their husbands and young people. Today, the main trends of fashion trends are preserved in the materials, finishes and colors used. Modern clothes in the style of the military are divided into the following categories:

  • The oversized military , One of the most popular solutions in creating the army’s image styles is considered “not off your shoulder”. Luke with the use of oversized elements are considered the most practical and comfortable.
  • Romantic military style , The pictures with the military notes can be feminine, sophisticated. In this case, army elements are combined with details of flying and light fabrics, body-hugging or waisted silhouettes and beautiful floral prints.
  • Casual , Military-style street fashion involves the use of one or two elements of the military in the way. The rest of the details are in the style of sport, denim, grunge and others.
  • High military , Such images involve the use of all elements in a single direction. In this case, it is important to preserve the motifs of the army in even the smallest accessories.
  • Military style in women’s clothing 2018

    In the wardrobe of the military you can feel like a real form and designs with distinctive details. The main advantage of this fashion industry is the original, stylish combined with practicality. Only the comfort and functionality of styles and contributed to the incredible popularity of the army flow in the women’s daily imagery. They are indisputable and masculine tones typical of a military design that generally emphasizes independence and trust. But OK, let’s check the military style 2018 – the main differences:

  • Colors , Color solutions are always practical and durable. The actual colors are khaki, olive, sand colors, dark blue and camouflage.
  • finish , Often there is a decoration in the design, as insignia, army badges, medals, epaulettes. As a closure, large metal or wooden buttons, Husar overhead loop.
  • Cut , Silhouettes styles are always clear. In such models, the characteristically sharp shape of the shoulders, straight or slightly waisted cut length, covers the body and no trace of gooduality.
  • Fabric , The practicability and functionality of the images and cause the materials. For clothing the army direction, the actual natural dense fabric – cotton, waterproof fabric, canvas, linen, denim.
  • [embedded content]

    Coat in military style

    Most popular simply style outerwear is the military coat. Such models are presented in a male, cropped, ankle-length, straight silhouette with sharp shoulders. Ladies military jacket can be single-breasted, and with a zipper on two sides. Another important feature is the pea coat. This option is ideal for active fashionistas who appreciate the short hem. In modern fashion, this model is welcome as a waterproof trench coat made of raincoat or canvas fabric-specific protective shades.

    Jacket in military style

    Fashionable style that perfectly suits the army orientation, park is considered trendy. Such garments are presented as an isolated and lightweight construction for the winter season. Trendy women’s jacket in military style – the bomber jacket. This selection does not match the patterns, but the typical coloring will complement the practical military bow. In the warm season in a fashionable bow fits perfectly jacket-kargo. For such models the characteristic patch pockets, a straight fit and falls in the absence of food a little longer.

    Jacket in military style

    This element of the wardrobe does not quite match the classic jacket. Such garments may be referred to as uniform. Products have a direct or customized silhouette length to the waist. Here the closure can be a zipper or big metal buttons. Striking features are the sharp shoulders, often supplemented hussar stripe braid. This military-style women’s jacket can be paired with boyfriend jeans, leather leggings, tight pencil skirts, and short or mid-length feminine dresses.

    Pants in military style

    The most important feature in the choice of pants is the model load. Spacious patch pockets are provided for this garment. And the more parts there are, the more functional the product is. Another inherent solution is pants made of thick material. But in stylish army bow suit and the usual leggings, skinny jeans or knit pants characteristic colors. Women’s trousers, fashionable-military fashion combined with sports top-switch, bomber jacket, windbreaker anorak, racer. For more formal occasions, choose a lightweight blouse or tunic, the classic jacket.

    Dress in military style

    The most popular models, which are versatile in every season, have become stylish shirts with button closure on large buttons. These dresses are as relevant as the maximum and moderate length. Fashionable dress in military style – stern case. However, to conform to military lines, such a model is decorated in muted monochromatic colors of the protective blue, black, khaki, terracotta and others. A good choice for every day is the knitted product in matching design with minimal decor.

    T-shirt in military style

    These garments are presented in the simplest and most comfortable design. The popular choice of steel T-shirt Polo with camouflage. An important feature of such products acts as a natural breathable substance. It is important to exclude even a small percentage of synthetic fibers in the composition of the material. Trend, which is passed from the male wardrobe, become loose tank tops khaki. Here the special feature acts as wide-cut arm openings. These shirts are the perfect solution in the heat. In the cool season, you can, in a sense, add a light army jacket, such as a military-style bomber jacket.

    Shirt in military style

    Ladies shirts, like T-shirts, in a simple design, straight silhouette. In this outfit is the main feature of the colored file. However, sometimes the designers complement the shoulder products with the same hue or contrast. Such military style clothing for women always looks strict and concise. Therefore, army shirts have become a versatile garment for both office and business looks and everyday wear.

    Skirts in military style

    Rock is not considered a characteristic element in the army. However, this article will help to emphasize the femininity and romance of the apparition. The actual style is considered a pencil. These models are shown below the knee-length, straight silhouette and are often completed with functional button closures in the center of the product. Popular addition, seen on the sides as spacious patch pockets. Military style in women’s clothing includes and inflated fit skirts that emphasizes the femininity and grace of the figure.

    Womens shoes military style

    The first union in choosing a complete army bow is considered rude ankle boots. This shoe is popular for its functionality and reliability in wet and dirty weather. Therefore boots in military style and are often used for urban combinations. If you are looking for a feminine option, stylists offer to wear the graceful heel boots that are covered with contrasting wool felt buttons. Honors Military Shoes closed ankle braces, which can be wide or tight lacing, straps, rivets.

    Another stylish choice steel high leather boots. These shoes can be wide horseshoes or smooth soles. The main difference between army boots stands solid, sleek design with a minimum of decoration. Initially, these military accessories were wrapped tightly around the shaft. In modern fashion, the model is presented with free pages. Stylish to wear boots with knit leggings over the knee.

    Bag in military style

    Casual look military direction implies the presence of such accessories as a handbag. Part of what makes the onion complete, functional and stylish. The army model is however optional to use, only pictures are highly military. This supplement is appropriate and in Kazualnyh, sports and even business groups. Fashion bags have a unique color scheme and sharp geometric shape, often rectangular. The size of the accessories can be spacious or small, decorative. Let’s see the latest models:

  • Backpacks military style , These bags are made of thick fabric and look like a dorsal bag. Rucksacks are usually supplemented with multiple compartments and patch pockets that help to keep all necessary things.
  • Postman , Models of the shoulder have a hard, often wide strap that can be adjusted in length. Such accessories use an inner dimming lining that retains a rigid shape.
  • bag , A fashionable choice is considered and the spacious model is rectangular with short handles for the hand. Cases are always complemented with hard floor and presented as a dense fabric and leather.
  • Cap in military style

    The military trend in fashion is considered laconic and restrained. However, this does not exclude the use of stylish accessories. One of them was the unmistakable headgear – military-style women’s cap. Such products always have a visor, but the shape of the crown may vary depending on the material. Fur hats are the real choice in the cold season. But these hats are more for the Cossack images, therefore requiring the presence of military outerwear. Let’s look at the most popular caps, the actual military wardrobe:

  • Cap , This headgear refers to the officer line and always emphasizes the status and independence along the way. Cap always has a clear shape with a stiff hollow bottom of the crown.
  • Takes , These accessories are made of thick cashmere, wool or suede. However, there is always a visor that includes the army style. The finish can be made of smooth leather and embossed under reptiles.
  • Cap , The simplest choice is relevant to everyday urban socks is a regular baseball cap with a soft or hard top. Different military direction in this accessory supports the colors and the presence of badges, patches, medals.
  • Manicures in military style

    The simplest nail design is considered as a solid coating of khaki, olive or sand color. More looks interesting camouflage pressure on the nails. If you want to use it universally for everyday as well as on the way to manicure, you should omit the choice of Feng Shui or the decorated with metal stars, beads and small rivets edge. Woman Military Style Art Nail art – This image of banners, emblems, logos, in combination with a protective varnish.

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