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Modern mullet haircuts for 2019

Mullet haircuts have been extremely popular a few years ago, but they are still in vogue. It is for men who want to attract attention. Mullet haircut allows you to experiment with both short and long lengths simultaneously. Modern versions of Mullet Cut are a bit daring and edgier. There are several ways to carry mullet. Below, I have some killer haircuts selected for 2018 , If you want to show your party side, you should wear one of those incredible styles. Note that Mullet can be rocked on all types of hardness, regardless of straightness, thickness or slenderness. Modern mullet haircuts for 2018

Side panel Mullet

Well, to recreate this look, you need to have extra long strands. It’s a classic mullet cut that rejuvenates the sides and straightens the tops. The front of the strands was split to give a chic finish. However, we can not ignore the color either. A light brown color brings the overall impression a step further. This look is great when paired with a neat beard style. Side panel MulletBlonde Side Swept Mullet

This modern mullet cut is super chic. It’s so nice to be real. Well, if you’re ready to change your hair color, then you should definitely try this look. The strands have an incredible beach blonde color, which gives the side-swept pony a special charm. It is a modern interpretation of mullet. Let your hair grow and you can also get a hairstyle like this. Blonde Side Swept MulletShort buzz Mullet

Who says you can only make a mullet cut if you have extra leash lines? This particular image shows that the length is not important. The top is hummed while the back is long enough to provide a refined mullet cut. You can pair this headdress with straight stubble beard. However, it is a cut to highlight the beauty of your facial features.

Short Buzz MulletWavy Mullet

I have already mentioned that it is not important that you have straight or wavy strands, because mullet works well every hair length. It’s the best way to embrace your natural texture and wear a modern and different hairstyle. Well, this style is a contrasting version of traditional mullets that have to straighten the hair. By the way, we can still see the mullet-like design on wavy strands. Wavy MulletBack-Combined Mullet Hair

A mullet hairstyle can look classy and elegant and this image is the best proof of my words. This style is pretty nice and neat. Incidentally, the version shown here includes a page pattern that brings some interest to the style. Feel free to use a few hair gels to comb the strands back to achieve super straight hair. Back combed mullet hair



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