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Modern Short Pixie Haircuts 2020

Short Pixie haircut became famous in the sixties of last century. This beautiful youth haircut is perfect for girls with oval faces and hair of all kinds. If you have thin hair with little volume and you can cut it off very quickly, then cheeky pixie may be what you need.

Pixies are very different, depending on the structure of your hair, their shade, the length of each beach and how the hairdresser works with your hair, whatever technique he chooses.

Consider these examples of girls with pixie hairstyles, and you can make the same hairstyle.

Natural Pixie haircut on ash blond hair

Ash Blonde looks much more natural and calm than fashionable platinum blonde, which can be chosen by brave girls. Short pixie haircut looks good on hair of this color. As you can see, the streaks are not staggered and look natural, which suits the girls who love simple looks.

Natürliche Pixie-Frisur auf dem aschblonden Haar
Natürliche Pixie-Frisur auf dem aschblonden Haar 1

Graphic pixie haircut for dark hair

Clear graphic haircuts always attract attention and look more courageous than trendy, messy hairstyles. When the hairdresser works with the area of ​​the ears, forehead, and temples, your pixie cut will look different, strong, and daring. When doing this type of hairstyle, remember that it emphasizes the facial features, and you need to pay more attention to make-up and flawless skin.

Grafische Pixie Frisur für dunkles Haar
Grafische Pixie-Frisur für dunkle Haare 1

Long pixie hairstyle on red shaded streaks

Do you think Pixie is a decent hairstyle in the style of Audrey Hepburn? Not at all. Look at these amazing fiery strands that add volume to the hairstyle. If your hair lacks volume and you have a round or pear-shaped face, then choose a leprechaun with long strands of bright original color to enhance your beauty look.

Langer Pixie-Haarschnitt auf rot schattierten Strähnen
Langer Pixie-Haarschnitt auf rot schattierten Strähnen 1

Short pixie cut for thin hair

Very thin, almost transparent blond hair is the main indication for a very short haircut. Do not be afraid to make this haircut with an oval face and thin facial features. With a very short pixie, you have no trouble styling it in the morning.

Kurzer Pixie-Schnitt für dünnes Haar
Kurzer Pixie-Schnitt für dünnes Haar 1

Pixie with a long pony and highlighted strands

Nothing revives hair as blonde highlights. They have a particularly lively and dynamic effect on structured pixie haircuts with strands of different lengths. Longbangs are very popular nowadays, this style allows you to make your look younger and try on the modern punk style. In addition, you can harmonize the shape of the face, for example, if it is chubby or angular. Shaggy top of pixie haircut and long side bangs make the hairstyle feminine, young and not boring at all.

Pixie mit langen Pony und hervorgehobenen Strähnen

Textured pixie haircut on light hair

Want to make an unusual hairstyle, but blonde seems boring to you option? Then look at unnatural colors of green, blue, red, violet and so on. This is another feature of the punk style that is very popular today. The girl on the pictures has the Pixie haircut with voluminous textured top, dyed in shades of green, red, orange. Another has a super sweet raspberry red. These are great options for short haircuts for daring girls.

Strukturierter Pixie-Haarschnitt auf hellem Haar
Strukturierter Pixie-Haarschnitt auf hellem Haar 1

Classic short textured pixie haircut for dark hair

If you choose a classic hairstyle and hair color, then your choice is the simplest, short but voluminous pixie hairstyle on dark hair. This cut naturally emphasizes the health, natural color and shine of the hair. The only thing you should keep in mind is that this basic haircut requires daily blow drying, otherwise the hair will look shaggy.

Klassischer kurzer Pixie-Haarschnitt für dunkles Haar
Klassischer kurzer Pixie-Haarschnitt für dunkles Haar 1

Short pixie haircut for black women

Black women by nature have thick, good quality and often curly hair. They do not have the hair problems that other women have, so they have the ability to make special haircuts. For example, black women can make very short pixie cuts that show off the forehead. Such a hairstyle is usually suitable for women with expressive facial features and large dark eyes. In addition, the Pixie haircut for thick, black structured hair looks natural and does not take much time to style.

Kurzer Pixie-Haarschnitt für schwarze Frauen
Kurzer Pixie-Haarschnitt für schwarze Frauen 1
@ Shesalonatlanta

Pixie haircut on mother-of-pearl hair

Mother-of-pearl colors are very popular among young girls, and when they wear their hair for a short time, they look very elegant and unremarkable. The shades of gray are very popular nowadays, not necessarily plain gray or metallic silver, but beautiful pearl gray tone. Another option that you see in the picture – pale pink hue with a soft pearlescent.

Pixie Haarschnitt auf Perlmutt-Haar
@ luckystyle.byjelena
Pixie Haarschnitt auf Perlmutt-Haar 1

Pixie haircut on silver gray hair

Gray hair color is one of the most relevant in 2018. Gray hair with a pixie haircut is brash, cheeky, very stylish. You can choose different dyeing techniques that give the hair a uniform gray tone or ombre look with dark roots and lighter tips.

Pixie Haarschnitt auf silbergrauem Haar


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