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Mohawk Fade

The mohawk fades for an awesome twist on the traditional mohawk hairstyle. With buzzed sides, tapered-length, set-up hair on the top, the faded mohawk offers a cool haircut style guys can try in 2018.

One of the reasons mohawk fade styles has become popular is that anyone can get it and make it unique. For example, mohawk hairstyles work well, whether you have straight, thick, wavy or curly hair.

Likewise, men can cut and style a long or short mohawk fade hairstyle depending on hair length, in the middle. Finally, men have the option of choosing between low, mid, high and skin rejuvenation fade at the sides!

Best Faded Mohawk Hairstyles

At the end of the taper fade Iroquois haircut is with a stylish and versatile look for the modern man! Check out these pictures of the hot mohawk, with fades for the ideas on your next visit to the hairdresser!

Modern Mohawk + BART

This new Iroquois hairstyle offers a trendy look that stands out in every crowd, men! With a clean cone fading, the two lines deep in the design, bleached highlights or dyed hair on top and a cool beard style, this modern cut is a combination of goody and edgy!

Faded Mohawk + Messy Hair + Beard

Most men think that a faded mohawk requires your hair to be spines, but this stylish twist shows a messy, textured look that brings attention to the freshly cut sides and male BART!

Mohawk + low fade

This low bland bland on the sides, paired with a line-up at the temples and thick, almost curly hair on the top.

High Taper Fade Mohawk + Pomp

This unique mohawk bland replaces spikes with curly hair that style into a pompadour.

Low Skin Fade + Mohawk

The low fade mohawk became a popular choice for guys in 2018. Plus, this particular barber hummed a sweet v-shape in the neckline!

Mohawk + Designs

There is nothing traditional about this cut. A textured, messy, and long iro with shaved sides and some designs means you will not go unnoticed.

Curly Mohawk

Who said guys with curly hair can not get Mohawk? The high skin fade and completely transform hard part, that’s curly mohawk in something stylish.

Short Mohawk Bald Fade

While longer hair is more typical, short mohawk hairstyles are easier to cut, style and maintain. The bald fade works especially well with a trimmed hairline, line-up and perfectly groomed BART.

Black men Mohawk Fade

The faded mohawk is not just for adults, men, boys and teenagers can adopt the style as well!

Taper Fade Mohawk + Textured Top

This classic taper fade styles that are perfect with the textured faux hawk at the top.

Faded Mohawk + Hair Design + V-Shape

Hair designs are a bold step and complement the v-shape at the neckline.

Burst-Fade Mohawk + Curly twists

This outbreak fade mohawk uses a sweet skin fade, twists, and colors for a unique look.

Temple Fade + Mohawk + Hard Part Of The Line

This cool men’s hairstyle offers enough length at the top to be able to style a mohawk, comb over or pompadour.

Slightly faded Mohawk + Line Up + Lots of Afro

By combining a burst-fade on the sides with a shape and some loose curly hair, this barber-creates an awesome wide mohawk cut.

High Cone + Long Mohawk + Long BART

This long mohawk highlights as opposed to a rejuvenating bland on the sides and full of facial hair.

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