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Moschino Teddy Bear Slides Review

Moschino Teddy Bear Slides review

As you know, I love slides and summer shoes, so much so that I’ve picked up these and a few others in my favorite summer shoe post. I did not have any designer slides yet, but when I saw these Moschino Teddy Bear sandals a few months ago, I fell in love. I’ve worn them for a while (as you can see from the wrinkles), so I thought I would do a review for you and give my opinions, both the good and the bad. I hope you like it!

The Sizing

I’m always between 39/40 (which is a UK 6-7) in shoes and when it comes to Italian or European shoes, I’m always a 40. Since Moschino is an Italian designer, I knew I would be 40 must and I was right. They fit well and perfectly, so if you’re between sizes, I recommend you go with the bigger one and they should fit well! The footbed is shaped to fit your toes, so make sure you’re the right size or it can be uncomfortable.

Design and style

Design and style of this Moschino Bear Slides Took me on the shoes in the first place. I’ve never heard of the brand before, as I’ve always found the designs pretty overwhelming and loud, which I’m not really, but these slides are just adorable! The black makes it classic and wearable, while the little teddy bear logo is really cute, and the Moschino logo itself is pretty understated, so the slides are not at all glaring. The Moschino logo is embossed or embossed on the back, I’m not sure, but it has texture, while the bear heads are sewn with textured eyes. I think a lot of work has been done on the design and I love that about them. You will definitely get a 10/10 in the look department from me.

The Comfort & Material

At first, I was not sure how comfortable these slides would be, which is why I waited a while to do my review. They are made of a rubber, pvc material, so they are waterproof, as are many slides, but the front part of the strap can be felt over the top of my toes because of the edge. I thought that might give me blisters or cause friction, but I am pleased to report that this is not the case. I did not feel any blisters or pain from these slides as it is a really soft rubber. The sole of the sandals is a firmer, textured rubber so you can not feel the ground and walk comfortably. I’m not sure what the teddybear heads are made of, but they are more like a soft fabric that I hope is waterproof, but I can not be sure! For slides, I find that very pleasant, as many of them can irritate my feet. If you feel like feeling a material on your skin (like the front of the rubber band on your toes), it may bother you, but for me it’s very easy to get used to it, and maybe because I’m long I have toes. I have not even noticed the Moschino imprint on the sole of the shoe, you can not feel it when worn.

The price and the quality

I was not sure what price was included in my price. Check here as I have seen these Moschino Teddy Bear Slides priced at many different retailers. The US price is about $ 195, while the British price is between 130 and 150 pounds. As Harrods have them at £ 150, I suppose that’s the selling price. Some stores have sales on them, and you can also get discount codes, but I’ve listed the best places below for you. Whether I think the price is worth it or not, that’s always hard to answer with designer goods. These shoes are very well made, they are sturdy, they are symmetrical, the seams are really neat, so you can say that they are well made in Italy, as you would expect from a designer label. Compared to most designer slides, this is the affordable lower end of the price scale, as many of them are usually over £ 300, with some over £ 450, which I think is crazy. But if you think that’s just a little rubber and fabric sewn together to make a shoe, then I do not think so. You can buy cheap foils for less than £ 10 if you are looking for that, but if you want a pair of designer slides that are cute and really well made, I would recommend these over others as they are readily available everywhere and more affordable than most, so you can take what you want.

overall opinion

I’m pretty sure you like these slides by Moschino if you’ve just read the whole report. I think the design of them is adorable and the bears are really cute! The soft rubber is quite comfortable (except for the bit on the front of my long toes), but it creases when used. As with most shoes, you will always experience signs of wear and you can see what they look like on the photos. Of course, I would love that they stay spotless without anything happening, but if you want to wear a shoe, that unfortunately can not happen. The quality is wonderful and the slides are very well made and they are made in Italy and wear a designer label if you like something like that. I am really glad that I have them and that they are mostly comfortable and cute to wear. You will soon see them in an outfit! If they are in your price range, I certainly recommend them. If you have questions, just leave a comment and let me know!

Buy these Moschino Slides online at Harrods | Shopbop | Farfetch

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