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I never liked sunglasses so much when I was younger, because I could not find those that fit my face, but then I came across the aviator style and it was perfect, so much so that I had quite a few different colors in it Aviator frame possess. I have since branched and tried round lenses as well as angled cat eyes styles and I adore them. I never knew how much I would like these different sunglass frames, which is why I ended up with so many. I’ve included some of my favorite pairs from previous outfit posts in this blog post so you can see how I wore them, and I’ve added a summer wish list that you can see below! I hope you like it!


I recently got introduced to Perfect Glasses and am pleased to work with them in this blog post. Not only do you have a large selection of branded eyewear on offer, but also your own regular glasses with great prices. The company has been running since 2009 and is one of the largest providers of eyewear online and sunglasses in the UK. They have over 1000 frames to choose from, both affordable and premium brands. You can even opt for prescription sunglasses; if you’re wearing glasses, you do not have to do without pairs of brands to keep the sun out!

Since I am not wearing glasses, I have my sunglasses wishlist above! I have selected 4 pairs that I think are perfect for the next year as I branch out even more. The turtle Fendi frames are beautiful and remind me of my TRIWA pair that I have as I adore the round frames. I love the bare, thick plastic frames of the Oxydo sunglasses because I think they are quirkier and make a statement so I saw them look great with some floral dresses. Third is a sparkling Marc Jacobs sunglasses with a cat’s eye shape that I find incredibly unique. In addition, they are feminine, which is missing my sunglasses collection. After all, the designer sunglasses from Illuminati are a little more for me, not something I would normally choose, but I love the black and gold, rounded frame with the metal bars on the top. I’m not sure if they would suit me, but I can only try, right?

– So, from the sunglasses I own, which couple do you like the most? And does any of you have a framework for the next summer? Check out and let me know!

lorna burford TRIWA sunglasseslorna-burford-ray-ban-erika-sunglasses-purpleray-ban-red-mirrored lens sunglasses

ray-ban sunglasses mirrored aviator

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