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My new Chanel Wallet on chain “WOC” bag in black

Chanel Wallet on Chain ‘WOC’ Bag in Black with Silver Hardware

This bag is not one that needs many words, to be honest. Anyone who knows Chanel or designer bags at all, already knows the famous Chanel Wallet on Chain or WOC and its dominance in the designer bag world by those who do not, let me in a second immediately thereafter. I shared this photo on Instagram with you and asked you what I got before I revealed it here, and I know that some of you saw it briefly, so let’s go.

When I was in the beginning of London September, when I bought my Celine Nano luggage in Dune, I may have kept a big secret from you, and that’s that little extra. I never intended to buy two designer bags when I was there and had a strict rule that I would come with one, that was the Celine, but it did not go quite to plan. If you follow me on social media, you may remember that I was wondering which new designer bag to get, and the last two options were the Celine Nano Luggage and the Chanel Wallet on Chain List, but I only had enough money for just one.

As you know, I bought my Celine on the first day I was in London, but I had rummaged a lot in other stores and went in to check out Selfridges’s Chanel department. Of course I was in all boutiques like Burberry, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, etc., but in Selfridges, I discovered this bag and asked if it came in the silver hardware, as I have often seen only the gold. The saleswoman said it was and went to get it for me, which I tried on, but felt that it was too long, covered with scratches and a bit small, and besides, I had got the other bag, so I gave it she said back and I thought about it … and boy, I was not joking.

Shop used Chanel Wallet On Chains at

Choice of Chanel Bag

I thought in the end this Chanel WOC all night, wondering if it was really too long, too small, justified, etc., and by the morning I was relentless, I only went home with my one bag. Adam and I checked out of the hotel that morning and because our train was late that day, we decided to do some window shopping and stroll through the beautiful parts of London. Of course, this path led us straight to New Bond Street (of course by chance!) And we ventured again in Chanel. I had to circle the store a couple of times, look around, and since it was busy I was gratefully approached by no one, but then I saw a customer who saw the Camellia-printed WOC and I just loved the shape of

A saleswoman looked at me and said, “Can I help you?”, As they are always looking for people who look like they want to buy something, and I would not say anything, but I could not say thank you, the words came out of my mouth again and asked for the Wallet on black leather chain with silver hardware , We went to the counter, and she found out this and handed it to me, made it fit for ages, saw what fit inside, inspect it, put my phone in, talked to Adam and persuaded him I decided, ok I can not say that again. I had a different outfit and it did not look too long this time, so I transferred that to my dress, which was misleading the day before. I said I would take it and I would put it on my credit card and deal with it on another date. She went out to look for a warehouse and said they did not have one, so that was the last bag I loved in the store and I knew I had to take it. I inspected it a lot and it seemed to be almost perfect, except for a few small nicks that appeared on the soft leather, so I went for it.

Buying the bag

I was in shock the whole time after what I had just done and felt so bad. I had two sides in my head that were bad things: how will you pay that? You only need one bag! This is not too practical and you did not love it as much as Celine, what did you think? But then the good things said: This is a classic, you need classics! It was the last, you’re lucky! This bag will fit with everything and it’s easy, so it does not hurt you … and so it went on for weeks. In the end, I decided that I would Chanel would not get until November, because I just got the other bag and wanted to use it, so this one Wallet on the chain was closed until November, so I had time between the two. It may sound weird to those of you who do not love the bags so much, but if I had them both, Celine would always have been their leader and I would have felt bad while I made that away buying a new bag I line up a few months after I had worn the other a lot. Yes, I’m crazy, but it worked.

The WOC details

So here it is! is not it beautiful? It can also be worn as a purse without a chain, but it can also be worn crosswise, as I show in the photos. It has so many compartments, including a zipped pocket on the actual inside flap, interior burgundy lining sections, credit card holders, and even a pocket on the back and a zipped pocket on the inside, making it very useful. I did not want to choose the popular caviar leather version, as I’m not a big fan of the grainy look, so I went smooth with it, and the reason why I did not pick gold hardware is because gold and black is quite contrasty (I know from experience on my Balenciaga) and a lot of the stuff I have to wear as a classic is silver or cool toned so the silver hardware was the best option. I think it definitely looks more classic because nothing stands out. The seller packed it nicely, so I’m in love.

Why I love it

After my initial remorse and panic over what I had done, I realized that it was a good thing and that this bag will be with me forever as most Chanel bags are for people. I already have a seasonal one, which is my Chanel Small Boy Bag in Bordeaux Velvet, so it was time I had the ultimate classic of the brand. I’m a little scared to wear it because the leather is so tender and soft – I do not want to scratch it, but you’ll see this beautiful thing very soon! You’ve seen it short in this outfit, but I’ll wear it across the body for some outfits. Sorry, I do not have a video rating, but I was not good enough to do one, and since this bag has been around for years, there’s a lot going on everywhere on YouTube anyway. What do you think of my new one Chanel Wallet on Chain ‘WOC’ Bag ? Do you like that?

Chanel gift bagchanel wallet-on-chain-woc-insidechanel-wallet -on-chain-woc-lambskin-black-purse-pocket-silver-hardware

chanel-woc wallet-to-chain-inside-to-socket inside pocket

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