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Celine Mini belt pouch

As you know, I like saving for a new designer bag whenever I can, because it’s something that really gets me focused. Working hard and saving money so that I can buy the new bag that I’ve loved for so long is an incredible feeling, but when you’re self-employed, you do not often know when the next payments will come or what work might be on the way be. With that in mind, I can really find it difficult to save the full retail value of a bag like my Celine, a Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc., but that does not mean I have to miss anything. Over the years, I’ve gotten used to used luxury goods, and I think bags are not something you can dismiss.

Recently I was introduced to the company Reebonz (pronounced Ribbons) I loved the concept. A Singapore-based online platform that specializes in buying and selling a wide range of authentic luxury brands including Balenciaga, Burberry, Celine, Chanel, Chloe, Prada, Givenchy and many more. I think maybe it’s a good idea to sort some of my older pieces to sell them and make some money, and then buy some used ones to save money as long as the bag I’m looking for

I’ve seen Reebonz offer 3 business days of delivery, free shipping, and returns, and of course, authenticity is guaranteed too, since nobody wants to spend a lot of money on a fake or even engage in counterfeiting. Sometimes I know that shopping for items owned by someone else is exclusivity and fancy, but Reebonz makes sure you pack your new bag in a black box tied with golden ribbons so you can still get a gift wrap thinking really important, even if you order through their app or website, as it still feels like a costly new purchase.

balenciaga gray-reebonz

At the moment there is already a bag on my wish list I do not think that I can pay the full retail value of, because despite its name it would not be so much a classic. It’s the Balenciaga Classic City in Gray Leather and I think it’s breathtaking! How great would this bag be for winter? I know that I already have the Balenciaga Mini City in Black Suede, but a gray would be so versatile. It’s on Reebonz right now, so it’s incredibly tempting, that’s for sure, but then it’s also the mini version in purple burgundy.

It seems like it’s really easy to become a member, you just sign up and if you like something, you can pay for it with credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal or a 0% installment plan. How amazing is that? No boutiques even offer that, so I would definitely love this option. They even store Celine, and since I’ve just bought my own Celine Nano Luggage in Dune, it’s an option to buy the larger version in a very similar color at Reebonz. If only I had known before from this website, as they also have the mini belt bag of the brand! They also sell shoes, clothes and accessories, so it’s not just pockets when you’re worried and online sales events that take a few days for members.

How many of you would go for used designer bags? Or clothes in general? It’s definitely something I’m considering, as I do not see anything wrong with giving a bag new life if the previous owner did not want it anymore. If anything, you’re doing a really good deed and you’re saving money, so I think my next purchase might be just that! I’m usually quite skeptical of second-hand websites, but the fact that you can pay with PayPal and make interest-free credit, I’m really surprised, since it does not mean that I save so long and may miss on the bag that I want. Let me know what your thoughts are and if you know about Reebonz? You can register here.

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