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My Nike Roshe Two SE Trainer in Oatmeal Review

Nike Roshe Two SE trainers in oatmeal, beige and khaki

I’m really looking forward to sharing my new sneakers / sneakers with you! These are the Nike Roshe Two SE coaches in oatmeal and light khaki sometimes known as beige , These were incredibly hard to come by because they are sold online everywhere and are sought after by everyone. I’ve wanted to have a pair of beige or cream sneakers for a long time as they’re perfect for the summer and when I spotted them on Brooklyn Blonde some time ago, I fell in love.

So … started my search. I finally found her online at Sarenza and when I saw that they were even cheaper than their retail price of £ 90, I jumped at the chance to order them. At just £ 74.90, it would be crazy not to do that! When they arrived I had ordered a UK 6 and 7 to check out what size I would be since I was not sure and it turned out the 6 was the right size. I’m usually a 7 in coaches like Adidas and New Balance etc, but these seem to be bigger. They were close to me at first, and because I had an accessory leg in my foot that sticks out, they rubbed at it, but as soon as I stretched it out and loosened it up, they were perfect and fit just as I wanted them to. If I did not have that bone, they would be perfect from the start.

In terms of the way they look, I was not quite sure if I liked how far they were from a top-down angle as my other coaches were much slimmer, but I quickly got used to it and thought that they did looked fantastic from the side. The two tone colors, the pattern on the fabric top of the shoe, the design … it’s all beautiful! The colors complement each other perfectly and I think they are definitely a very aesthetic shoe. Nike I think has done a good job with the Roshe Design, it is so fashionable and comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, these are like walking on sponges! They contour every part of the sole of the foot and because the Slip on Design has a secure inside, wrap and wrap around your feet perfectly. There is no slipping or rubbing and they literally feel like they are sprinting and jumping around in them, they are so comfortable. Compared to other trainers I have, what I imagine is lying in a bed full of puppies, bunnies and pillows. They are a dream walk and have on my feet, so they are my new favorite trainers.

These Nike Roshe Two trainers in oatmeal and khaki are made of leather and fabric, and have a sock-like cuff, which I’m trying to explain (that’s the khaki part), which also has the branded tongue. I tie my shoelaces and put them through the drawstring to keep order. There is only a light, thin fabric to cover the front of the shoe. So if you put something on your foot, it’s like having bare feet, so do not wear them when you lift something heavy. It’s a great design and as far as fashionable coaches go, that’s IT! I can not recommend them enough as they are the best sneakers I have ever worn! I love her! Do you like her? I would like to know your thoughts about these beautiful shoes!

Buy these Nike Roshe Trainers here at ASOS and here at Sarenza!

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