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Natural black hair color

It is believed that girls with such hair are magnetically attractive, because this hair color is a kind of highlight. Saturated black hair will suit the owners of dark-skinned and brown eyes.

Black ashen hair color

Black ashy hair color is quite common among the owners of natural black. Nowadays black ash hair is often called graphite because it is greedy. For several years, the graphite color of the hair looks simple and stylish.
Black ashen hair color assumes a beautiful shiny shine with mother-of-pearl tint. He prefers to wear girls with bright eyes and fair skin.

Black and red hair color

Quite often you can see the black color of the hair, whose main feature is a reddish color. This color can not be called chestnut, because it is saturated with darkness. Nevertheless, warm notes reveal its nature. The reddish-brown color of the hair or the black chestnut color simply looks fantastic and very natural. This trendy hair color is perfect for winners of brown or blue eyes and fair skin.

Trendy hair color dark chocolate

A styling of black hair with brown notes is what many stylists call Gorky Chocolate. It looks incredibly bright and attractive, but at the same time perfectly emphasizes the dark skin and the blue eyes. However, according to stylists, it is best suited for brown eyes and fair skin winners.

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The black hair shadow is coal

There are not many girls in the world with black hair. This hair color looks incredibly stylish and gives the picture a raisin and even a magical beauty. The color of the black charcoal color of the hair implies a beautiful mother of pearl. Very often, stylists supplement their silvery hair color with which they can create a vivid picture. Pay attention to this shade in the new season.

Black hair shadow

This is an incredibly fashionable shade this year with this Black Coffee. Black-brown hair or dark chocolate is suitable for owners of olives or darker skin and brown eyes. One of the most pleasant and rich colors in this color palette. He is preferred to create many women because he looks incredibly stylish.
Black hair tint

Another fashionable and popular hair color is Black Wood. For lovers of natural black hair nothing is more pleasant than the black color. The hair looks shiny and strong, while having a rich black and chestnut hue. This hair color is versatile, as it pleases the owners of light and dark skinned skin as well as blue and brown eyes.

Who is the best black hair?

It is believed that the black hair color is perfect for the owners of very light and even porcelain skin. But in reality, everything turns out to be completely different. Stylists emphasize that this or that trendy hair color is suitable for girls in different colors. For example, the owners of dark-skinned skin and bright eyes ideally approach the shade of black-black or black coal. The winners of the dark chestnut hair color are a perfect match with brown eyes and dark skinned skin. At the same time girls with gray eyes should choose an ash-gray hair color.
How to take care of black hair
Stylists recommend fashionable techniques such as tinted hair balms to make black hair look brighter and more vibrant. It is they who, according to many stylists, can create a vivid picture and make it more saturated. Almost all modern hair balms have a silk protein structure that gives the hair more liveliness and attractiveness.

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