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Wedding updo

Have you already chosen your beautiful dress? Well, it’s time to choose the wedding updo that works best with it. Maybe this elegant, glamorous and very eye-catching updo is exactly what you’ve been looking for. It’s perfect for gathering long hair in a stunning hairstyle and highlighting your slender facial features. Just try it out before the wedding to make sure it’s the best for you.

Updo for curly hair

Your curly hair is no longer short and it often annoys you, especially on windy days. Now it’s over, because a sweet bun hairstyle is enough to control it and to hold it off the face. Just plug in with bobby pins and get an elegant hairstyle.

Center Parted Updo

With the center separation you can leave your long bangs or some sweet strands from your updo to beautifully frame your face. You can get a medium updo and curl these strands into curly curls. They will complete your hairstyle and give it an ethereal touch.

Sleek Updo

This simple but very elegant hairstyle, which can be reached in 10 minutes with simple hairpins, is a pretty hairstyle worn on the second day. It’s a comfortable and neat hairstyle that can keep all your thick locks in a tight shape. And that’s what you need hair for your second day.

Simple updo

Today, many girls are rocking this simple hairstyle for different occasions. It’s cool for casual days and for parties. You can even choose as the date night hairstyle.

Elegant updo

Pull all your hair back, tease it a little and collect it in a low hairstyle hairstyle. Add a cute hair accessory that matches your outfit and style, and you’ll finish with an elegant look. I love the simplicity and delicacy of this hairstyle.

Casual updo

Casual updos are different from party updos due to their chaotic and carefree style. They are too feminine and just wonderful for hot beach days and training. You do not style a big updo too tight and pull the hair close to your face with the help of a simple headband.

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