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Nourishing hair color ideas

Hair color ideas are endless! Those who have made the decision to change their appearance, there is an easy way to do that – a new hair color. But the commitment is the biggest risk. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to keep the hair color mild and bright. So, if you are a busy person or you are lazy enough to visit your haircolorist every other Saturday, here I have little care Hair color ideas put together , This post will help you to learn how to get the coolest color for the least maintenance. Nourishing hair color ideasBlack hair color

There is really something irresistible about inky-hued hair. This shade is quite edgy, but easy to get, especially if you are brunette. You can skip the damaging and time-consuming process of brightening your hair color. Try to find the best black tone that flatters your skin tone. You can stay eight to ten weeks without mending. Just welcome your dark side! Black Hair ColorStrawberry Blonde

If you’re a natural blonde, choosing rainbow colors can be quite tempting because it’s easy to get. Try applying some strawberry colors in your blond curls and you will be impressed. It looks absolutely amazing, even with less maintenance. You will achieve a little punky look because you do not dye the whole head of your hair. It is easier to maintain! Strawberry BlondeColorful Ombre

Ombre has always been a trend, but this particular style is exactly what you need to bring it up. Instead of fading your curls, just pick your favorite hair color to complement it. Since you maintain your natural roots, you only need a rework every three to six months. Is not that amazing? It’s just a dream of every girl.

Colorful OmbreTortoiseshell hair color

When it comes to natural-looking hair strands, the brunettes had no easy way to go, but now they should add a tortoiseshell trend to their arsenal. It’s an amazing idea if you just want to get a few shades lighter. Tortoiseshell hair color is all about a multi-dimensional mix of honey-toned shades that are pretty subtle. You will have to see your colorist every three to four months. Tortoiseshell hair colorHair strobing

Strobing hair color is the hottest trend of 2018 as it shows a different kind of experimentation with strands of hair. For 2018 we still see this low-maintenance trend. Ask your colorist to add a glimmer of sunlight to the locks. Hair Strobing is designed to emphasize your natural hair color while giving pop. It is an excellent color to highlight your features as well. Hair strobing



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