Pastel colors – what are pastel shades in a modern way

Pastel colors – what are pastel shades in a modern way
Pastel colors was the first season that got the palm of trendy colors. Clothing, bags, shoes, nail polish and hair color – everything is filled with colors of tenderness, lightness and femininity. Looking for inspiration? While you are here.

Pastel colors are those soft hues as you look at who will immediately feel the relaxation, serenity and peace of mind. Ivory, pearl, caramel, powdery, light coral, pistachio, blue bleached – look at these shades and I want to surround myself with cuddly things to a delicate outfit and go for a romantic lavender and Provence.

Pastel shades are what?

Apricot, peach, marshmallow, soft colors give softness and calm, relieve tension, what do you mean, pastel colors create weightless mood to immerse yourself in a state of serenity and infinite femininity. They give a feeling of comfort and safety. If you talk in more detail about how pastel colors look, here’s an example:

  • “Dusty” pink;
  • pale purple;
  • covered Burgundy;

  • muted yellow;
  • pale green;
  • gray-blue;

  • the deep color of forest green;
  • all shades of chocolate;
  • gray-brown;

  • light gray;
  • dusty turquoise;
  • Peach;

[19659005] light peach;

  • white coral;
  • blue-gray;
    • steamed plum;
    • sky blue;
    • unused;

    • “Dusty” beige;
    • muted cornflower blue;
    • Colored cappuccino

    Warm pastel colors

    If you believe the color psychology, give warm pastel colors in clothes the softness of the lady, calm. She feels safe and comfortable. Such people inspire confidence. They are open, easily accessible. And I want them to learn something useful, learn something, learn from experience. Warm pastel tones combined with something cozy, homely, a bit childish.

    Clothing in pastel shades helps to create a win-win outfit. It is always trendy and, due to its subdued coloring, is not as bored as bright colors (for example, acid that is not fashionable now). Combine them with white things or garments that you want to combine.

    The only thing you need to mix gently between the pastel colors to not load the look “cute” colors. Everything should be in moderation. In the outfit, things look harmonious with three delicate nuances. Otherwise a childish, childlike path will emerge that does not lead to calm and childish recklessness.

    Cold pastel colors

    Soft pastel colors with a cool color match perfectly with the girls with the color types “summer” and “winter”. As for the range of shades, this includes a muted red, a dusty maroon, pale pink, lemon, grayish yellow, bleached orange, cold green, cold blue, gray blue, purple with hints of gray, “dust” purple, gray Chocolate brown with a drop of ocher, cold wine

    Compose the picture in cool pastel tones, do not forget to dilute things neutral white, classic black. If you want something unusual, look at the silver element of the wardrobe. Do not be afraid to play contrasts. With the cold pastels playing in your favor. Do you want to create the perfect picture? Then do not forget the color of the accessories. Cold colors look good Jewelry in white, yellow gold, mother of pearl, silver, emerald, white rhinestone.

    Just as the pastel colors look perfect in romantic pictures, clothing, country style, relaxed classics. They are perfect for office dress code. For example, with this perfectly cushioned suits come from muted blue and turquoise. With the traditional black and white duo-finish trouser dress for a fashionable look, the coat is a cold turquoise.

    Pastel colors in clothes

    The combination of pastel colors will be at the top if you prefer monochrome. In the world of haute couture, quiet pastel color allows to dilute bright color, but when it harmonizes with the prevailing palette of delicate clothes (with a light blue coat, dress well in a colorful print). In 2018, on trendy clothes, on a quiet shade cloth added bright colors, contrasting geometric patterns. Such splendor can be seen in Delpozo, Emilio Pucci, Roksanda.

    Often floor-length dresses in pastel shades, complemented by light fabrics in black. Agree that it looks like this beauty is irresistible. Visual proof – the creation of Elizabeth Kennedy’s Spring Summer Collection 2018. If you love decorative elements like flirty ruffles, delicate ruffles, solid buttons, dramatic ruffles, colorful embroidery, then fill up your wardrobe with pastel things Decor. It is trendy. To see this charm in the collections of Temperley London, Delpozo, Luisa Beccaria

    Dresses in pastel colors

    Evening dresses in pastel shades make a unique picture of every beauty. Interestingly, the modern fashion trends and wedding dresses have arrived. Trend wedding attire includes the following pastel shades:

    • Ivory;
    • Shell;
    • Morning dew;
    • Snow Almond;
    • blue vanilla;
    • smoky linen.

    Fashion week in London, Jenny Packham has introduced trendy pastel shades of clothes that are impossible to look away from. I understand why many Britons are confident that the outfit of this brand Meghan Markle, the bride of Prince Harry, goes under the crown. And vintage dresses that Anne Barge always admired. In terms of evening wear, the Chanel couture collections, Ulyana Sergeenko, Ralph & Russo was a place of pastel-colored clothing in which it is impossible not to fall in love.

    Coat pastel colors

    Outerwear pastel colors will help to diversify the classic look. It’s a watered-down austere black and white office look or the perfect end to a romantic outfit. In fashion outerwear length, MIDI, maxi, sand, beige, camel and covers the color of the melted milk. In the Viva Vox collection, the models are light blue, bleached gray-blue. The pastel tones make the result extraordinary and unique.

    Pastel colors [6809049] pastel colors

    Pastel pastel colors

    Pastel-colored bow in monochrome combination looks stylish and trendy. Here it is important to combine material and texture. Stylists recommend bright tones to add some white and dark black. Remember that for several seasons the trend of the entire look. For the sake of clarity, you have created a selection of stylish looks, all of which are mindless. The most important plus of the overall look is that it visually elongates the silhouette, and this will play into the hands of the little beauties. Such monochrome pastel outfits help to play on the bright colors.

    Pastel colors get a stunning evening, business and casual look. These things give comfort and help to show your individual style. It can consist of both single-color and of clothing between several harmonious shades. For example, choose a t-shirt bleached gray color, apply our top pale pink coat, choose accessories and peach-colored shoes and a bright accent outfit will be dark blue skinny jeans. Unusual and very impressive, right?

    Picture in pastel colors

    Shoes in pastel colors

    Pastel shades included footwear collections from brands around the world. Among them will be the palm lavender, purple, yes, the same, the Pantone will be recognized as a leader in 2018. In addition to pale purple, the fashion world was overwhelmed with the color scheme of early spring green, pale lemon, light blue, marshmallow, apricot, milk

    Shoes in pastel colors

    Bags in pastel colors

    Pockets in pastel colors add lightness and fragility to the look. Accessories in the list of fashion trends include pale red, covered in orange, bright coral, pale pink, “dusty” turquoise, gray-blue color. This beauty is embellished with embroidery, sequins, stripe logo of the brand, all kinds of fringe patterns. When talking about popular models of this fashion – Olympus caught:

    • Microsomes;
    • bags;
    • with strings, pendants; trailers;
    • with floral prints;
    • Fransen;
    • on the chain;
    • Pockets on the belt

    Bags in pastel colors

    Make-up in pastel shades

    Eye makeup in pastel shades is one of the most important beauty trends of the year. The ball is dominated by discreet tones that match the chosen clothes. Take a look at how the eyes see perfectly refreshing spring greens and turquoise shades. Along with pastel eyeshadow make-up artists prefer glosses and lipsticks romantic hue. The same applies to blush in soft tones.

    Make-up in pastel shades

    pastel hair

    Hair colors in pastel shades is not the first season that occupies a leading position in the world of beauty. Before you decide to change the image, remember that the easiest way for the owner of this color for those who have bleached hair with natural blondes or previously. When choosing pastel colors, it is recommended to start with the color type. So, ladies with olive skin have perfect peach colors, and the burning blonde will have to face a tender pink tone.

    I am afraid that you will not like the chosen hair color? Experiment with pastel shades with special crayons that are easy to wash off. And if you’re a fan of trendy ombre, you’re welcome to paint some of the hair color pastel colors. As with popular sunglasses, the palm will receive menthol, lavender, coral this year.

    Pastel hair

    Nail art in pastel tones

    Pastels in pastel tones complement each other in soft colors. Decorate them with lace patterns, floral decals, geometric paintings and minimalist drawings. Talking about the catwalk shows of pastel nail art, the trend for long, ornate nails is covered in pale pink mint paint. In color, close to nature, through sudovym. If you want to create pastel manicures that will fit in an office outfit, choose light pastels with thinned contrast lines.

    Nail art in pastel colors

    Fashionable nail design in pastel colors

    Pedicure in pastel colors

    19659027] Manicure ready? It’s time for a gentle pedicure in pastel colors. When analyzing runway shows we can safely say that celebrating the victory of a manicure with a creamy coating. Along with them models decorated nails varnish light blue, beige, pale wine color, shade cappuccino. In the trend monochrome blend of a French consisting of paints gentle colors, moon manicure, nails, decorated with small crystals and stones. Popular pedicure with floral motifs, simple geometry

    Pedicure in pastel colors

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