Bob hairstyles

Perfect Bob Haircuts for Curly Hair

You have curly hair and are looking for the latest haircuts to match your hair and flatter your facial features. Here are the best bob hairstyle ideas for women with curly hair! Let’s take a look at these beautiful hairstyle photos, then you can show your barber the next time you visit your salon!

1. Layered Bob haircut for curly hair

Here is a layered naturally curly bob hairstyle with side bangs and highlights that show off her curls.

2nd line Bob with curls

A-line bob hairstyles look best on curly and wavy hair, because long hair at the front makes a great style.

Line Bob with curls

3. Balayage on natural curly hair

Balayage on natural curly hair makes the curls beautifully accentuate, the slightly layered haircut is also perfect for this bob haircut.

4. Short Bob Hairstyle

Look at those beautiful curls! Wet look layering and pony make this bob truly unique and adorable.

Short bob hairstyle

5. Short Curly Hair Black

If you want to add an ashy color to your hair, here’s a curly bob hairstyle with ash gray highlights and pony.

Short Curly Hair Black

6. Upside down curly hair

Upside down curly hair

7. Simple Bob cut

Simple Bob cut

8. Big curls on Bob’s hair

9. Sweet kind

Sweet kind

10. Frizzy curls

Bob haircuts for curly hair

11. Rear view of Short Bob

Bob haircuts for curly hair

12. Reverse Curly Bob Cut

Bob haircuts for curly hair

13. Hair tranformation

Bob haircuts for curly hair

15. Thick curly bob

Bob haircuts for curly hair


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