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Perfect ways to have a long pixie

Hello ladies, today we are here with enormous Styles about long pixie hair , If you think “How can I give my hairstyle a style?” Or “What shall I do with my short hair?”; these pictures can help you for the new mode.
You can split pony, layered cuts, Pixie Bob Styles or use amazing new colors on your short haired head. Especially uniquely colored short hair great choice for a new look because your hair will do no harm because of dye methods. Short hairstyles always a great solution for time-saving and modern look.

1st Long Pixie Haircut 2018

Really modern ash blonde long pixie with dark roots, looks so stylish.

2. Blond Long Pixie Hair

For a stylish style, side shared long blonde Pixie. Absolutely great choice for classic short hair lovers.

3. Short sides long pixie hairstyle

Long pixie hairstyles

4. Tuba Buyukustun long pixie cut

The most popular short hairstyle of these days with this lady, Buyukustun is modern short hair look stunning for dark brown hair and heart shaped faces.

5. Funky Long Pixie Haircut with long bangs

Graduation style pixie bob cut with pink lights. Ashen light blonde base and that looks so cold.

Longer Pixie cuts

6. New 2018 Pixie Cut

7. Broken hairstyle

8. Haircut for girls

9. Pixie Bob

10. Red colored

11. Messy Long Pixie Cut

12. Curly Blonde

Long Pixie Haircuts-12

13th page shared

Long Pixie Haircuts-13

14. Long conical pixie cut

Long Pixie Haircut-14

15. Long pony cut

16. Smokey Colored

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