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There is a myth surrounding the idea of ​​pixie editing. The myth is that the pixie cut does not please everyone and that you have to have a certain face shape or features. We believe that myth is inaccurate. Consequently, this is the idea that we want to prove today. That’s why we’ve put together 62 pixie-cut examples to help you choose and be inspired.

1. Ash, Blonde and Black

Here is another spin of the idea we presented above. Only this, in this case, the lovely lady has decided to add not three, but three colors to her beautiful pixie cut. She has dark hair in the back, an ash blonde in the middle and blond in the front.

dark blonde pixie cut

2. The claw

We lovingly called her the “claw”. The sharp edge of the cut gets a whole new meaning with this pixie cut. You can also follow the lines of your face and cut away at your pony at will.

Pixie cut with side pops

3. The Chic Pixie Cut

As for Pixie cuts, there is nothing better than this. Apart from that, look at how cool it gets when you’re perfecting your pony.

chic pixie cut

4. A deep brunette

This shade of intense dark brunette will highlight almost everything. From the color of your skin to your eyes, your cheekbones, and the earrings that you wear. In addition, you can use make-up wisely to further emphasize these features.

brunette pixie cut

5. The feathered fairy

Why are they called “feathered”? Because the upper strands of hair are cut off to look like feathers. It will also give you a fresh and airy look.

feathery pixie cut

6. The Famous Pixie

Here’s Michele Williams, one of Pixie Cut’s most famous ambassadors. Aside from that, she even had a longer and more laid-back than she portrayed the diva Marilyn Monroe notoriously.

Michelle Williams Pixie cut

7. The most beautiful colors

We’ve said that before, but it’s worth mentioning it again. If you choose the Pixie Cut, we see no reason why you should not go all the way. Here is an amazing rose gold hair color, combined with just a hint of purple. As a result, you now look like a real pixie.

Rose gold purple pixie cut

8. curling irons and dark roots

Add a curling iron to your upper curls to add some texture to your Pixie cut. When dyeing your hair blond, be sure to darken the roots for a more natural feel.

wavy and curly pixie cut

9. Do You French?

You will now, because this Pixie cut can almost make you hear the crowd chattering on the Champs Elyse. Besides, the long faux pony simply demands a small polka dot bow added to the look.

long pixie cut

10. The Messy Pixie Cut

We talked about chaotic before, but this one is taking the cake. The very long sandy pony drapes the face, while the short brown back complements the length of the neck.

asymmetric pixie cut

11. Silver Shades and Purple Lips

Silver and purple go together like no other. Color your Pixie silver and paint your lips purple. In fact, why not dye your hair purple and paint your lips silver?

Silver shadow Pixie cut

12. Pixie in the front, Bob in the back

This haircut is so well executed and such a great idea that it really looks like it’s an elf from the front and sides and a bob from the back. As a result, you get a truly unique look.

blond woman with pixie cut

13. The Curly Pixie

Do not worry if your hair is curly. In fact, when it comes to a pixie, the looser the better. Keep it short on the sides and back and let it run in wild curls on your head. A perfect make-up will complement the look.

young mulatto woman pixie cut selfie

14. Golden hair and flowered shirt

The styling here is impeccable. Her golden blond hair fits incredibly well to the flowery shirt. As a result, it looks like the sun came out of a field of blue flowers. Just look at what a Pixie cut can do!

blond woman blue shirt pixie cut

15. Black and White

It’s as easy as it gets. The magic of the Pixie cut lies in the fact that it makes you look feminine beyond anything you’ve ever imagined. Who would have thought that you could do it with short hair?

Black and white picture of Mrs Pixie cut

16. The boy and the daredevil

Here is the wrong Mohawk, to which we have referred before some examples. The ash blonde, cut into a rocking elf, pairs well with a powerful brow and a statement lip.

young woman tattoos selfie pixie cut

17. The tender pixie cut

Here’s a kind of pixie that makes you look elfin enough to be included in a fairy tale. The dark color softens the facial features instead of hardening them, mainly because of the short hair.

young woman shoulder tattooos pixie cut

18. Curly Pixie with glasses

If you want to maintain your naturally curly hair, but still have a modern touch, choose this simple pixie cut that will highlight your mane. Remember that the goblin and eyeglasses combination is always a show stopper!

Pixie cut

19. Dirty Pink Pixie Cut

A colored pixie cut highlights your facial features and gives personality to your style. The dirty pink pixie haircut works perfectly on blond or light brown hair, so you should go to the studio next time.

Pixie Hairut

20. Sea Foam Green on a Messy Head

If you want to make a statement this fall and you do not know which of the above examples you should choose, you can always choose the messy Pixie Cut in pastel colors. Here’s a seafoam green combined with just a little turquoise to get you out of the crowd.

Meerschaum Green Pixie Cut

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