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Pompadour fade haircuts

The pompadour fade is a nice combination of two very popular haircuts – the pompadour and the fade. While the essential parts of the original style, the modern pompadour-fade haircut offers many styling variations. For example, guys can choose a high, medium or low fade on the sides; and then opt for a skin or razor fade. The cone is the key to creating the high-contrast look.

Likewise the men’s pompadour can be styled on top in different ways. For example, you can style a pompadour messy or neat, textured or smooth, and combine it with a comb over or hard part. Ultimately, a faded pageantry is versatile enough to transform your medium-long or long hair into a series of other cool hairstyles.

Check out these awesome pompadour bland haircuts for ideas on how to cut and style your next cut!

Razor Faded Pompadour

The razor fade is one of the most popular ways to wear pompadour in 2018. Because the cut is clean and very short, guys will find it easier style. Plus, the shaved sides highlight the more hair on the top.

Low Fade, Pompadour

Although this pomp offers a lot of height, the lower taper fade on the sides makes it a rather conservative look.

High Fade, Pompadour + Hard Part

The hard part continues to pop up as one of this year’s hottest hair trends. The high fade and line up make for a fresh look, while the separate pompadour creates a stylish aesthetic.

Skin Fade, Pompadour

The skin fade remains a fantastic way to cut your hair on the sides. Because this super-short cut and the contrast manages to make the eyes jump automatically into the nicely textured style of this neat pomp.

Messy Pompadour

The chaotic pomp makes for a rebellious version of the classic hairstyle. Structured and flowing, you can not deny that this pompadour haircut screams goody and stylish with minimal effort!

Modern pompadour fade

This modern pompadour has a unique twist on the classic style. With a balding bland, hair design, and faded beard, all the guys should try this trendy haircut!

Middle Fade, Pompadour

This short pomp combined with a mid fade and beard for a look you just can not go wrong with.

Pompadour Crest About Fade

This example includes two very popular hairstyles – the pomp and comb over, allowing the guys to style a variety of cool cuts!

Razor Fade, Pompadour

The razor fade makes for a hot addition to any pomp. Since shaved pages are more of a modern thing, this example offers a balance between classic and new.

Pomp Fade + Hard Part Comb Over + Full Beard

The crest, over pomp, offers a cool twist to a retro hairstyle. Guys with thick, straight hair are encouraged to try styling looks.

Messy Pompadour Taper

Not all splendor must have faded, extremely short on the sides. A classic taper works just as well, and this has a chaotically structured pomp in the air!

Thick Modern Pompadour + Undercut Fade

The beauty of the pompadour is that it undercuts styles that are big with any kind of short sides, including a faded one. This version of the look adds a bit of a smooth back for a unique touch.

Center Skin Fade, Pompadour + BART

Fading mid-skin, growing in popularity as a sweet remedy between high and low fades.

Wavy Schmalztolle + Fade + BART

If you have curly hair and did not think you might style a pomp, think again! A wavy schmalztolle fade can be achieved, with some strong pomade and a hair dryer.

Splendor Comb Over + Low Skin Fade + BART

This low-skin bland and hard-part comb over add a distinctive look that every man stands out in a crowd!

Spiky Pomp + Skin Fade + Line Up

The spiny pompadour is a new variation that you should not see often though. We would like to see more people try this version!

Structured pomp + high fade

Structured hairstyles have been all the rage in 2018, and that’s the perfect example of why. For a natural finish, try a matte pomade!

High Bald Fade + Form + Slick Pompadour

A shape up is an excellent way to cleanse your hairline while emphasizing your hair on the top.

Back and neckline of pomp, haircut

Since most of the pictures focus on the front and sides of a pompadour haircut, we thought it made sense to enter a back and cut view. This low-skin fade drop fits perfectly in the neck.

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