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Ponytail hairstyles with bangs

High Straight Ponytail with Blunt Bangs

Blunt Pony is the most girly and youthful pony that makes you look prettier, sweeter and younger. This fringe stroke works with straight hairstyles. Combining it with a long, straight ponytail hairstyle gives you a seductive and very girly look.

Ponytail hairstyle with short bangs

There are different short bangs, but this one is pretty stylish for ponytail hairstyles. As you can see, it fits perfectly to high ponytails and attracts attention. These ponies are comfortable and they will never bother you. They partially cover your forehead and therefore do not hide your shiny eyes.

Messy side ponytail with messy bangs

If you have long sides ponies that have outgrown and need styling in a pretty hairstyle, this cool and trendy idea can always be with you. It’s a nice messy side ponytail that looks complete and balanced with messy bangs.

Low Side Ponytail with Side Swept Pony

Long side swept pony you can usually mix with your updos. They create a kind of elegant and classic look and are perfect for women over 30. You can opt for this hairstyle both for everyday life and for official meetings.

Side Loose Ponytail with Wispy Pony

Thin and soft pony combined with a loose side ponytail embellished with cute headbands is all you need for a girly and attractive look. This simple hairstyle is pretty spicy and is great for women of all ages. It looks more subtle in trendy blonde hair colors.

Ponytail hairstyle with long side pony

As for long side pony I can say that they create a fantastic face frame and complete the engaging look of your simple ponytail. If these bangs are mixed in loose styles with the rest of your hair, then they are quite noticeable with a high ponytail.

Retro ponytail with side bangs

If you are familiar with the retro style, you may know that casual retro hairstyles are usually designed with puffs or teased crown part. You can see such Half Updo and ponytail hairstyles that are more charming with side-face framing bangs. These hairstyles are too feminine.

Curly Side Ponytail with Curly Pony

Both natural curly and straight curly hairstyles look better with curly pony. If you choose a side curly hairstyle, you can sweep fringes with trendy side and curl the ends nicely. It will give you more tenderness and femininity.

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