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Popular Pink and Pink Gold Hair Shades for 2019

Popular Pink and Pink Gold Hair Shades for 2018

Made of soft pink tones Spring 2018 will be full of subtle colors with luxurious rose gold tones that will give the blonde the money. Take a minute to scroll and let the favorite color of your girls dominate your dreams.

A touch of pink.

A touch of pink from Melannie Millan

Apricot rose

Apricot Rose by Cherin Choi

Cotton Candy Unicorn

Cotton Candy Unicorn by Authentic Hair Army


Powder pink from Ryabchik Moscow

Pink Balayage

Pink Balayage by Brittany StrĂ¼ning

Light pink blonde

Light pink blonde by Guy Tang

Baby blue to pink

Baby blue to pink by Jaymi Skjold

Strawberry red.

Strawberry red from Constance Robbins

Pastel pink ombre.

Pastel pink ombre from Orsolya Toth

Icey rose

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