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Popular Short Blond Hair 2019

Popular Short Blond Hair 2018

Blond hair is still one of the top hairstyles ladies look up to. Every year there is a new trend for blonde haircuts, including the short ones. To help you find a perfect short blonde hair for you, this year we are giving you 30 popular short blonde hairs. Bob is always the most popular short haircut every year. In 2018 there are different blonde haircuts that you can choose.

If you want to look edgy and goody, you can choose punky, daring, blunt, textured blonde blunts, a long soft-cut bob, undercut bob or platinum blond choose hair with bangs. But if you want to look feminine and refined, modern French, textured bob with minimal layers and soft A-Line Bob can be your choice. The good side of this hairstyle is that it fits any shape of your face. You will look stunning with these cuts. Another short haircut that is famous is Pixie.

You can use platinum-textured, silvery-blonde and versatile blondes to make your blond hair more striking and chic. These haircuts are suitable for all skin types, but usually fit a heart-shaped and oval face. But if you want to look edgy, playful and courageous, wash and go, urban and modern pixie editing can be your choice. The longer pixie cut gives you a calm and feminine look. Blonde undercut will show your pretty face. It’s pretty trendy this year because this cut fits any shape and age. The blonde herself adds more thrill to your look.

If you want a summery mood on your hair, A-line hair with beach waves and beach-textured praise can do it. These cuts give you a light but voluminous hair. The beach women complete these summer hairstyles. They fit every skin and shape of your face. The hairstyles give you a fun and cool look. Do you want something else? You can choose light-hearted texture, effortless chic, beige blonde hair, hidden textured, slightly textured blonde and vanilla ribbons as your hairstyle.

These haircuts have large volumes that make your face prettier. With a good make-up these cuts will rock your days! Neutral short blonde and spiral platinum blonde and short curly hair are also perfect options for you. The neutral short cut makes for a more casual look, while the spiral-shaped platinum blonde offers a goody look. You will have more natural and fun at the same time using a short curly hair. Take a look at our best short blond hair and feel inspired to become short and blond!

Amazing Wavy Style

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As you can see, we have a few types of short blond hair to choose from. These hairstyles are available from pixie cuts to bobs. Before deciding which haircut to choose, you need to find out which haircut fits you best. If you have a round face, bobs will fit you well. If you want to look edgy, you can choose Urban Pixie Cut. They are playful, chic and trendy. Her blond hair will look perfect and pretty. Just try it out and enjoy your new look!

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