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Pretty hairstyles from Oscar 2019

Has your favorite character won the 2019 Oscar? No matter what your answer is, every moment of the ceremony will be marked by you. About the carpet look is spoken throughout the year. Today we recorded beautiful hairstyles of the female celebrities of Oscar 2019.

From the short hair to the long hair, from the twists to the ponytails, the celebrities shine in different hairstyles. They make their hair appear in different colors, as well as different ways to combine their ultra-pretty dress. Chrissy Teigen forged a deep side piece for her deep V-dress while Jennifer Lopez wore a curly ponytail for it.

You can find more pretty hairstyles in the following post. I hope you like it. Maybe you can copy one of the hairstyles for your next party and evening gown.
Lupita Nyongo
Lupita Nyongo has cut her hair very short. She cleverly uses the hairstyle to pair her jewelry outfit.

Lupita Nyongo over

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gwyneth Paltrow combines her look with a smooth, half-height hair. She looks so gorgeous.

Gwyneth Paltrow about

Jennifer Lopez
How amazing it is to combine the naked make-up with a simple curly ponytail.

Jennifer Lopez over

Chrissy doughs
Chrissy Teigen wears a deep side panel for an ultra-retro finish.

Chrissy doughs over

Rita Ora
Love her hair color and her side part!

Rita Ora

Rita Ora over

Carmen Ejogo
Carmen Ejogo looks so cute and youthful in this curly bob.

Carmen Ejogo about

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie makes her short bob in a straight way, and she twins it with bright lips.

Margot Robbie over

Rosamund Pike
Her dress is extremely stylish on the red carpet and she pairs it with a corresponding long curly hairstyle.

Rosamund Pike via

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston’s straight hair looks airy and pretty.

Jennifer Aniston about

Emma Stone
Emma Stone’s curly bob goes perfectly with her make-up and outfit.

Emma Stone over

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson looks elegant in a ponytail with a soft pony.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson over

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