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Pretty low maintenance hairstyles for 2019

Slicked back hairstyle

Is there anything easier than a kiss back hairstyle? I do not think so. It even takes less time than a simple low roll style. To create the style, you need to apply some hair product and comb back your curls. Actually, this style works on both long and short hair. If you want to make your style more memorable, grab an accessory to the side of your head.

Pretty low maintenance hairstyles for 2019

Half Updo with loose truncated bangs

Here is another impressive style for ladies with a larger forehead. The style features a stunning half updo and a loose-cut pony. If you notice, the pony cover half the forehead of the model. Obviously, the style is pretty chaotic and unkempt, so it’s a great headpiece that matches your casual outfit. However, it is impossible to do wrong with half a half down hairstyle.

Pretty low maintenance hairstyles for 2019

Side Parted Finger Waves

Nowadays, retro-inspired finger waves are more trendy than ever. They look great when combined with long or short strands. This model rocks a side-split bob to highlight the beauty of the finger waves. The bob looks exceptionally good when hidden behind the ears. You are free to wear this bob casually or formally, just make sure you have a fresh hair color.

Pretty low maintenance hairstyles for 2019


We talk about easy-care hairstyles, so tendrils are totally on the point. Sometimes you just have to leave a few tendrils off the updo to make them look conspicuous. The following style is the best proof. It’s about securing your hair in a simple ponytail design and then taking tendrils out of the pony. These tendrils tend to make the face with an excellent appearance.

Pretty low maintenance hairstyles for 2019

70s headbands

Everything new is the reincarnated version of an old one. So, this hairstyle is no exception. It is spiced up with 70s headband. A simple head piece like this one notch up the whole style. The headband on a bob haircut is improved with straight bangs. If you want to stand out in the crowd, this is the style you can go on.

Pretty low maintenance hairstyles for 2019


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