Bob Hairstyles

Really popular Long Bob Haircuts of 2019

Lang Bob Hairstyle is great for everyone and it is also very versatile and trendy! Many women, including celebrities, wear this hairstyle, so let’s show you the best looks of 2018:

1. Straight Asymmetrical Long Bob

Asymmetric cut is always an eye-catcher for women who want to stand out from the crowd.

Long Bob Haircuts 2018


2. Cute Bangs

Dark hair color Blunt pony and red lips are the definition for a sweet but stylish look.

3. Long Wavy Bob

Long bob hairstyles with soft waves are perfect for middle-aged women.

Long Bob Haircut 2018

4. Straight Fine Hair

Silver hair color and long pony hairstyle, a good choice for a modern look, but you can also opt for this style!

5. Black hair

Dark and angular bob hairstyle is split on the side, making her facial features and eyes pop.

Best Long Bob Haircuts 2018

6. For heart shaped faces

Messy and wavy bob hairstyles are very popular with celebrities, choppy layering helps you to easily create this style.

[19659002] 7. Medium length

Wavy golden curls are divided on the sides and emphasize their beautiful blue eyes.

Long Bob Haircuts 2018-7

8. For oval faces

angled long bob hairstyles Perfect for ladies with oval faces, center partials make round faces much more oval.

Long Bob Haircuts 2018-8

9. Kate Bosworth’s Simple Blunt Bob

Maybe you just need a simple dull bob hair with a blond hair color.

Long Bob Haircuts 2018-9

10. Long a-line with pony

A-line Bob Hair looks really different on longer bob hairstyles when the pony is added, like this one below:

Here are other Bob styles, which are a bit shorter than above:

11. Ginnifer Goodwin

12. Simple A Line Cut

Long Bob Haircuts 2018-12

13. Chic blonde

14. Lucy Hale

Long Bob Haircuts 2018-14

15. Medium length bob Haircuts for oval face

Once you have a long bobsleigh sport, you will know that it really is a nice style for your thin hair structure and face shape.

Long Bob Haircuts 2018-15

16. Mid Length Bob

Angled and A-Line Bob Hairstyles are really easy to style and perfect for women with thin hair.

17. Soft waves

Anne Hathaway’s blunt praise with soft and ravishing waves is split at the sides, creating a beautiful look for any occasion.

18. Long Bob for fine hair

Choppy Layers, Side Pony and Platinum Blonde Hair Color is the definition for a stylish look for women with light to medium skintones.

19. Asian style

20. Emma Stone

Emma Stone looks absolutely adorable with her long bob and messy blonde hairstyle.

Long Bob Haircuts 2018-20

If you consider going to your salon soon, save these Lobo haircuts and show them to you barber!

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