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Rock tutu tulle – how to wear and create fashion pictures?

Rock tutu tulle – how to wear and create fashion pictures
The skirt is a tutu made of tulle and is one of the most spectacular pieces of clothing used to create original and feminine bows. It can be mini, midi or maxi, hold back the rubber band in the shape of a belt, elongated train.

The skirt is tulle tutu is very popular with fashionistas in recent seasons. It can help to create an incredibly bright and original bow. The product is universal because it fits any kind of figure and is a real decoration of your picture.

Rock Tutu 2018

Real fashion will be a hit rock tutu in 2018. The latest trends this season include the following:

  • using a variety of color palettes. There may be discreet earth tones such as beige, cream, mint, traditional black and white, bright and vivid, for example carmine, light blue, purple;
  • allows the combination of different colors, for example, lower layers can be red, and the upper transparent layer is made in black color;
  • The skirt is tulle tutu may have a classic flat hem or an asymmetric hem is very original model with a train

Trendy skirt tutu in tulle

Tulle skirt tutu appears in many fashion collections of famous fashion designers. Its distinguishing features include the following:

  • Thing can be so abundant or not very voluminous, was executed in two layers;
  • Product length can vary from circumcised Mini to the maximum extended to the ground;
  • a very interesting variant is the skirt, which is made of tulle, short front and back with an elongated loop;
  • The product can be attached to the top of the elastic band or to a normal belt.

Long skirt tutu

19659015] Ladies who prefer a feminine and romantic bow appreciate a clothing item like a skirt – a pack on the floor. It is characterized by such features:

  • under the upper layer of airy tissue and often has a tight petticoat, which adds volume and helps to hold the shape;
  • For example, the belt may be of conventional form, of satin or any other material, or made in the form of a stretchable elastic chewing gum;
  • This product goes well with a tailored bodice that adds elegance and contrast with lush soil.

Tutu Rock MIDI

Versatile Option For women of all types, Rock Tutu Tulle is MIDI. This is because this length is optimal for owners of sumptuous forms, helping to hide mistakes, and for slender girls. Depending on the body type, the thing is presented in such variations:

  • consists of a minimum number of layers, which helps to make the figure visually slimmer. In addition, to visually reduce the volumes, Black Skirt tutu;
  • maximum expanding product due to the presence of numerous petticoats. This model will help to fasten the missing volume girl slim.

Short skirt tutu

Lucky winner of a slimmer, slimmer body will be able to pick up a garment like a skirt-tutu tulle mini. It helps to provide a flattering silhouette in the best light that opens to the public’s beautiful legs. The product can be decorated in such variations:

  • with a smooth hem, this classic model;
  • unusual option would be asymmetric hem;
  • As for color, it can be traditional black and white colors, bright and eye-catching, eg pink skirt tutu, tender pastel.

Skirt tutu elastic

Very comfortable option to wear is a tulle skirt tutu on elastic band. This is due to the stretching of the elastic structure of this element and therefore does not perelavlivaet the waist and provides comfort. Gum can be executed in a color with the thing or in contrasting colors as eye-catching decorative details.

Rock tutu with train

This model as a long skirt tutu in tulle is found in a very unusual design. It can contain a dramatic move that extends the floor and is on the back. The front of the product may have a length ranging from the maximum opening feet Mini to MIDI, reaching to the knees or ending slightly higher.

Fluffy skirt tutu in tulle

To create an incomparable and unforgettable bow, the Puffrock -Tutu made of tulle helps. It’s perfect for slim fashionistas, for the characteristic lengths of mini or midi. This design holds the mass shape with the following design techniques:

  • the use of the steel frame, which is hidden in several parts of the product;
  • because of the stratification, which is achieved with the help of numerous petticoats that pry under the top, they often have a dense structure;
  • As for the color, it is extremely diverse, it can be held in pastel shades, bright and rich, for example, a red skirt tutu tulle or traditional black or white.

Rock tutu full

Owners of magnificent shapes will also be able to compose pictures with a skirt, a tulle tutu. To make the overall experience harmonious, it is recommended to consider these points:

  • for women of size “plus” ideal of the product, consisting of a few words and gradually down. It is better to avoid overly complex things;
  • the ideal solution would be a MIDI length. Allowed options maxi;
  • in order to feel well, it is better to make a decision in favor of elastic rubber serving as a belt;
  • full women are advised to wear a product with high-heeled shoes or wedges, it will give growth and appearance will make you slimmer;
  • When choosing a color palette, it is better to choose dark colors, such as black or dark blue.

What to wear with a tulle skirt tutu?

After buying the latest fashion, many girls have an urgent problem: how to wear a skirt, is the tulle tutu? When choosing garments, consider the following points:

  • As the ground is lush and voluminous, the upper part should better choose an adjacent figure. It can be tank tops, cropped or regular length, with sleeves or without them;
  • the top should be plain, simple and concise, as the bottom part serves as the main focus of the image,
  • to give a femininity and romance will help, delicate lace blouse, next door on the figure. Lace can be made into a special top, eg sleeves, neckline, concealed back neckline;
  • As outerwear, it is recommended to use a tailored waisted jacket.

Lustschleifen with skirt tutu made of tulle

Tutu skirt with sneakers

Incredibly stylish and extraordinary looks with a bow skirt, a tutu and sports sneakers. This combination is appreciated by young ladies. In addition, the following articles complement each other:

  • T-shirts that can be form-fitting or a bit loose. In the latter case, they are filled inside. They can contain all kinds of prints and labels or be monochrome.
  • Jackets made of denim, which help to present the bow in an unusual way casually. This is facilitated by such a combination of skirt-tutu and sneakers, which is a contrast of femininity and brutality.
  • Addition of the jacket – “black leather jackets” is one of the most organic combination.
  • Top with skirt pack

    One of the most popular and commonly used garments is a tank top under a rock pack. It is found in various design options, of which we can mention the following:

    • Crop top, spaghetti straps, maximum opening shoulders and arms and stomach. It can be positive or loose;
    • Upper part, whose length ends at waist level, it does not open the belly, it adjoins the figure;
    • closed top with long sleeves, it has a tailored style
    • The product can be made from dense or airy fabric, very popular silk and lace fabric.

    Rock tutu with the “black leather jackets”

    Among young fashionistas huge popular pictures with rock pack, and simply called extended jacket. Due to the fact that the upper part is equipped with a certain brutality, such a contrast emphasizes the tenderness and fragility of the fair good. We can record these frequent variants of combining with other objects:

  • Under a jacket-leather-biker jacket can be a funny youth T-shirt with funny prints or inscriptions. The other option would be incredibly feminine thing, like lace or silk top.
  • The quality of the shoes can be used as sports shoes or sneakers and elegant shoes high heel stilettos. The latter can be provided with additional decorative elements, possibly existing gemstones, silk ribbons, which can be tied into a dramatic loop.
  • Permitted options are wedges or platforms that provide comfort and convenience while wearing. These shoes become a perfect match more than a simple bow designed for the casual walk.
  • A good alternative to sports shoes are the shoes, which contain laces, they can be low or be supplemented by a small, slightly thickened platform. They will help you to enhance the contrast with a ladylike thing made of airy fabric.

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