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Rock Tutu – what to wear, rules for creating a stylish image

Skirt tutu – what you wear, rules for creating a stylish image
Skirt tutu – what should one wear? Modern stylists and designers offer fashionistas many interesting options for walks, evening events and romantic dates.

A cute, rocking tutu attracts many of the fair good. However, not all ladies understand how they should be worn and which garments are best to combine because of their original look.

Rock tutu – what should we wear in 2018?

Bright and airy dresses with skirt pack will remain relevant for many years. This model is ideal for young graduates entering adulthood, young, coquettish young ladies attending celebrations, or the wonderful brides who want to see their wedding.

In the meantime, one of the main trends of recent years has become a rock. Do not you know all women a pack of what to wear. In 2018, this model was featured in the collections of almost all fashion brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Max & Mara, Lagerfeld and others

Stylists and designers from around the world this season, based on a pack of colorful, casual, evening and romantic images. In 2018, it can be combined not only with a festive blouse and bold shoes decorated with sequins and other shiny ornaments, but also with the simplest t-shirts and sneakers with flat soles.

Pictures with rock pack

Modern fashion offers the ladies a great variety of ways to create bright and attractive pictures for all occasions. Among the many different garments stands out above all the rock tutu, what can be worn with a girl this interesting and original thing?

Rock tutu with a shirt

Based on flying bundle, you can create vibrant everyday images in which no woman goes unnoticed. Especially interesting denim shirt with rock pack light shade, over the knees. This set can be elegant and feminine cut, with blue shoes that overlap the top of the fashionable look or coarse boots on a thick heel.

A good idea to look and the classic product is made from natural cotton. For the combination with a light tutu, it is better to give the monochrome motifs light and muted tones. If the lower part of the image is executed in a light and subdued color, a light shirt can be complemented with a print or contrasting inserts. For example, many girls are attracted by bright pink skirt tutu, how to wear this bold, feminine thing? The perfect pair for this is a lightweight cotton shirt with floral print, color that reflects the skirt.

Corset with a skirt pack

Get a bright and bold night look with the skirt Get a pack and add to her seductive corset. A chic way to create a model that is embroidered with shiny beads, rhinestones or lace. Complete this set with beautifully patterned tights and simple heels. If the girl preferred the decorated shoes, the tights, the easiest to choose, naked or beige.

Top with skirt pack

The tulle tutu skirt and a cropped top show her striped body choice for young ladies who have an enviable slimming and lack of pounds. These kits are ideal for summer hikes as they provide maximum comfort even in hot weather. In addition, some girls choose such outfits as alternative festive dresses.

Rock tutu with leather biker jacket

The girl who wants to create a picture of a rock star love a black or gray skirt tutu with a leather biker jacket, black color. This look must complement the rough and massive shoes that go with any platform, boots, ankle boots on a tractor sole and so on. Jacket goes well with bright bursts, but in this case, light patterns without metallic decor should be preferred.

Suits with rock pack

Not caring what to do With a skirt, a tutu, many girls wear suits that perfectly combine the pieces to form a charming pair for different situations. In general, the top of such sets is a charming lace-trimmed top or just a t-shirt with open shoulders. In addition, on the basis of a pack often bright carnival costumes are set up, in which one can go to a party or a masked ball

Skirt tutu with denim jacket

Denim Outerwear This is how stylists and designers are developing new jacket models made of this material each year. Women successfully combine them with light and laconic backpacks that have an incredibly stylish and attractive look for a variety of situations.

These images are particularly impressive with the black rock pack – classic blue denim and blues in this case, clearly contrasting lower part outfit and accentuating its darkness. The only exception in making such combinations should be bundles of gray and blue colors – they are lost on background stuff and lose all their charm.

Rock tutu with sneakers

For many members of the fairer good, skirt tutu with sneakers or sneakers – is an absolutely incongruent pair, for which there are relevant situations. In fact, the sneakers and sneakers are part of the sporty style, which requires the selection of the most comfortable and comfortable things simple and minimalist design.

Tutu, on the contrary, looks very feminine and seductive and creates an atmosphere of lightness and airiness around its owner. In the meantime, modern stylists and designers are giving pretty women the ability to combine clothes with things that stand out from one another.

A skirt tutu with sneakers and a t-shirt is one of those fashionable looks that make a big difference to the young ladies, but absolutely not worn by older women. However, experts say that this combination is incredibly successful. In order not to look ridiculous, it should not be overcharged with overly bright decorations or eye-catching colors. Best white mini skirt, elegant T-shirt, gray with big print and black sneakers with white laces

Rock tutu with boots

To carry the bundle into the picture of a Modern fashionista is not easy, since it requires a careful selection of other components, including shoes. Many girls can easily find the top for this product, but I have no idea what to wear on your feet. Stylish and attractive skirt tutu could wear this garment, and what kind of shoes is best to choose?

One of the most unusual variations may be boots that make with a bundle of surprisingly bright and eye-catching fashion. To properly choose and buy a pair of shoes, you should be guided by the following stylist recommendations:

  • To create an image in casual form, boots fit with a wide shaft, but they can only be combined with a bundle of muffled umbrellas;
  • Female ankle boots can be worn with a mini or midi length pack. In other cases, the model will optically cut the leg and make the silhouette bulky and shapeless;
  • The mini skirt made of airy tulle can be combined with boots that cover the knees. Meanwhile, boots in this case do not fit, the best choice boots, stockings, tight leg like a second skin and gives it grace;
  • The colors of the boots is recommended to choose, subject to the following rules – solid products looks best contrasting shoes and printed or multi – interface color scheme. For example, pictures with a pink skirt tutu with solid execution, may be part of black or beige boots, and the same look and the pink and white skirt pink or white shoes.

Evening look with rock pack

Thinking about what Rock Tutu could wear this garment, and which items to combine, many ladies do not even think of the option to use this product as part of any of the components of the evening gown. In fact, the package fits perfectly into the holiday atmosphere and may even be appropriate in official ceremonies.

For evening events, the perfect skirt tutu with lace, which can be beautifully decorated with a luxurious and seductive corset, tops, with shiny rhinestones, sequins and other items, chiffon and satin blouses and other garments. Looks like a very interesting combination of velvet top and airpacks – this kit combines a light and airy tulle and heavy noble velvet to a contrast effect.

Evening outfit should be complemented with elegant high heels and matching stylish accessories. So, for fatinovy ​​rock perfect light and virtually weightless clutches miniature size and simple succinct shoes without unnecessary decoration. In hot weather, they can be replaced with thin straps – these shoes will draw attention to the slimming and elegance of the ankles of young ladies.

Wedding picture with rock pack

Recently, Luke became incredibly popular with rock packs among young brides. This thing is complete with an adorable top, a matching style can be a great alternative to a wedding dress. Typically, girls who marry choose a long, not too three-dimensional model.

Wedding image with luscious pack to the knee or higher looks too umelo and extravagant, so it is your preference to give only those brides who want to stand out. Although the apparent advantage in these sets are white products, many ladies choose other options – model soft pink and other pastel shades. The image brightness can be a bright red skirt of tulle symbolizing the passion that exists in love relationships.

The clean look with rock pack

Spectacular skirts reminiscent of ballerina Tutu attracts many women, but in many offices it is necessary to follow strict formal dress codes so that not all girls can wear them at work. This product made in any color, the requirements of this dress code are not satisfied, but with it you can create a strong image. So, black skirt tutu with a white blouse, not cluttered with decor, and suitable for a business event or meeting with business associates. To be more formal in this way, black pumps with a thick heel and leather bag can be worn.

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