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Saint Laurent Nano Sac De Jour Bags Review

Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour Bags Review

It’s been 9 months since I mean Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour bag in light gray bought it the way I got it in April 2018 review it at the time when I wanted to give it more of a test run and then just did not get it. Many of you have requested a review because the Sac de Jour is one of Saint Laurent’s most popular bags. It comes in many sizes, but this is the nano and it’s the smallest of the series. I believe that this light gray color is no longer available as it was extremely hard to find when I got it in April! The only place it was in stock was My Theresa (where I bought it) and it sold out pretty quickly. It is available in larger size on FarFetch (click here to see it). Since the Nano Sac de Jour is always a part of their bag collection every season, this review is interesting for anyone who wants to search for one, as it is available in many different colors day after day. Let’s get to the test report.

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The size & shape

You probably know the iconic form of Saint Laurent Sac de Jour. It is very similar to a Celine Luggage Style bag in the sense that it is square with upper handles, but can also be worn as a shoulder bag. The special thing is the quality of the design. You can really see how good this bag is – even from the photos. The Nano version is a compact bag that is easily freehand and it is literally adorable.

The size of this bag is 7 “in height, 8.5” in width and 4 “in depth. The minimum shoulder length is 39.5 “and the maximum is 46.5” because the strap is adjustable. I’ll go into that a little bit further down, but it gives you a great idea of ​​the size of the bag, plus you can see modeled photos below, so you can see it against my frame. I’m 5 feet 4 “and one size UK 8 on average (size 27 in premium denim). It’s the perfect size for me as it does not overwhelm my frame.

Surprisingly, it is really easy. I’d say that it’s probably easier than my Celine Nano Luggage I have in Dune, and that’s not difficult at all, so do not worry, it’s not difficult at all. I am always deterred by heavy bags because they can hurt my arms and dig into my shoulders, but it is not. It’s pretty perfect in size, shape and weight.

The Color & Leather

The bag is made of leather in Italy (like all Saint Laurent products) and mine is in a nice light gray shade. It is extremely high quality, has the premium leather smell, but is not too overpowering. You can only tell it’s a nice bag. It is grained on the outside, as you can see and very durable. Be careful not to scratch it, but it’s much sturdier and more durable than the lamb leather on a Chanel Wallet on Chain!

The color itself is really breathtaking. I had been looking for the perfect light gray bag for about a year. I have the Chloe Drew in Motty Gray, but it’s not the gray tone I wanted in terms of a lighter, cooler tone. When I saw that shadow, I immediately knew it would go with everything! It is completely neutral – it is not a warm or cold undertone! It fits in with every other gray, black, white and pretty much everything I have in my closet (except tan). It’s the most versatile gray in a bag I’ve seen in a long time! That’s what attracted me the most.

The interior & quality

The interior of the Sac de Jour is lined with leather, but it is a smooth leather, so it differs from the outside of the bag. My celine is unlined, so the back of the leather is inside, but this one is lined but very minimal and simple. It is provided with the Saint Laurent Paris logo and stamped below it with “Made in Italy”. Apart from that, it has nothing else. It’s open, has no zipper, no inside pockets or slides, etc., so it’s very similar to the Celine, minus the zipper. It really is a mini version of a bag, so it’s easy to find your items since it’s small.

Overall, the quality of the bag, I can not fault it seriously. The seam, as you can see, is absolutely perfect in every way. It is a cream-colored shade, so that it combines well with the light gray, but also slightly contrasted. Everything is symmetrical and very well done – it is a true beauty. I know that you think it should be because of the price, but trust me, I’ve seen a lot of designer bags that sell over £ 1000 and whose quality is below average compared to others. I always rate Louis Vuitton for quality (see my Fuchsia Alma BB Epi review here) and I would put Saint Laurent close to the quality. It’s a much better quality than, say, Chanel, that’s shocking, is not it? But from the seams to the design and the way everything is constructed, to the completion of the leather seams – everything is perfect.

The design & details

Now that’s a little bit of what you’re probably most interested in – the design and the details! The Nano Sac de Jour features a removable padlock that is in a leather bag (which hangs from the front). You can release the latch so you do not have to have it, but to access the padlock, just open the flap of the bag and it’s inside. Mine is silver to mix with the color. I was not sure about this padlock on the nano, as there is no zipper or anything else to attach, but I think it’s still there as a compact version of the larger bags. I could not even find a key, so I think it’s purely aesthetic.

The sides of the bag are in a fan / accordion design that I absolutely love, as it makes it unique, but the best part is that the small strap of gray leather that passes through it can be loosened to stretch the bag wide ! It’s fastened to the front and back of the bag with snaps / snaps so you just need to release the snaps and you can pull the sides of the bag wider if you want. It’s a bit stiff when I tried it and it was hard to get the pages right back when I pushed them back, so I’ll keep it the way it is now because I do not have to stretch it out.

There are 5 silver studs on the bottom of the bag that protect it from hard surfaces when you put it down. All backs of the rivets are embossed with the Saint Laurent logo, as well as the clips that attach the strap (which I will discuss below). Besides, I think it’s really fancy, but in a subdued and understated way. It’s a gorgeous bag with fantastic details, but it’s not over the top as it’s minimal. It is very versatile

The strap

I wanted to do a section dedicated to the strap because it was not my favorite part of the bag and it almost made me give it back. I’m having trouble with it and depending on how you think about it, you could be the same. My complaint is where the strap is attached to the inside of the bag. For some reason, Saint Laurent placed the hooks to the right of the handles on each side. Maybe from an interior design point of view, that seemed logical and orderly, but from the point of view of wearing it is not great. I would much rather have had the hooks on the edge of the bag on both sides. I understand that it can not be on the sides, because the bag is expandable in width, but at least at the end of the front and back would have been ideal. I’ve seen some Nano Sad de Jour bags with the placement there, so I’m not sure why they changed the design and placed it on the handles.

My problem with this position is that when you wear it crosswise it looks really embarrassing and messy. It’s not so bad to wear it on one shoulder, but it makes the bag tilt up and down a lot, so it does not stay straight. It was my only pet annoying and I was honestly so close to giving it back. I decided to keep it because I loved what it looked like without the temple, and it was perfect in every way, plus I ordered it with the discount on My Theresa, which rarely happens. Since the tape was easy to remove, I kept it and mostly wore it without it. Why, oh Saint Laurent, did you do that? I love the placement of my celine band, as it is on the ends, as it should be, so I do not understand why they have changed this. You can see what I mean by the photos below, how awkward it looks when it is attached to the grip area. What do you think about it? It’s a webbing and adjustable in length, that’s great, so it does not matter if you’re tall or short – it will work for you.

3 ways Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour bag [19659007]

Like most shoulder bags, there are 3 ways to wear them when they are small. Cross-body, held on the shoulder and in the hand. This one is too small to fit in the crook of your arm because it is a nano (unless you really have small arms). In order of preference for me, it is first held in the hand, then on the shoulder, and a last resort for wearing only purposes would be cross-body, but I avoid that as much as possible because of the strap placement, which type of My love for these style bags contradicts and I prefer to keep my hands free most of the time.

3 ways to Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour bag style

I have published 3 different outfits on my blog to show you that it fits with so many different things! I have worn it more than 3 times. I know there’s a lot of gray in my outfits in my outfits because I’m a huge fan of it, but it suits so much and it’s easy to forgive, as you can see. It’s a great bag for pairing with leather jackets and skinny jeans that are clad in flat shoes, but because it’s classic, it also looks good on clothes and formal wear (just do not wear the strap). On this basis, it is easily one of the most versatile designer bags I have in terms of how you can wear it, and all the possible outfit combinations it belongs with. It is a staple for a reason and one of the most sought after bags.

My general opinion

My overall grade in this Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour review would be 8/10. I would honestly say 10/10 if the strap is attached to the edges of the bag, but since its placement is behind the handles, it will knock at least 2 points for me. It is so sad that it is not “perfect” for me because it is perfect in every other way. I love the size, the quality, the design, the shape, the weight, the versatility … there is nothing else that I could fault. I just do not know why they have this placement on some of the Nano Sac de Jour’s and not on others! If it annoys you when you buy online, just check the photos to see where the straps connect in, because there are only a few of them that have this placement. Many others are near the edges, which looks better in my opinion. But that’s just my opinion. It could be totally alright for you. Otherwise it’s stunning and I really recommend it as a bag, it’s so beautiful and it also makes me want the light brown version!

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