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Sergio Ramo’s haircut

2 gün ago
Male hair models

Sergio Ramos García, Real Madrid captain and captain and Spanish national team, is also a leader in cool football hairstyles. The haircut of Sergio Ramos ranges from long to short and of course to platinum over the years, but he always looks good.

In addition to the image, football players also need to think about how the hair selection on the field works. Short hair and product is the obvious answer, but longer hair is absolutely an option.

A ponytail or a man’s bun will work, but hair can also be worn out. Andrea Pirlo relies on a side panel and sweat to hold his medium-sized locks in place. Sergio Ramos prefers a thin headband to tame his long hair.

Look at these 7 different Sergio Ramos hairstyles.

1. Messy long hair

This glorious mane is styled with some product to pull hair back from the face and add a touch of texture.

2nd middle section + headband

This even longer hair phase works on the field with a narrow headband and middle section.

3. Slick side part

A smooth comb hairstyle is a neat addition to suit and beard.

4. Platinum hair

Many football players have gone through a platinum hair period and Sergio Ramos is no different. When bleaching hair, it is important to compensate for damage through deep conditioning.

5th comb over haircut

Sergio Ramo's haircut

In 2018, Sergio Ramos has taken over the popular ridge. This cut is the ideal balance between work and play, with short sides and length at the top.

6. undercut + beard

Anton Denisov / Sputnik / IBL Sputnik

This undercut hairstyle gets shorter at the sides and longer at the top.

7. Shaved line + comb over

This even cooler version of the side part hairstyle subscribes to a shaved line on the temple for fading. Defined lines that contrast the blur of a fade are a cool but subtle detail.



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