Shoes Vans – shoes, sneakers, running shoes and casual shoes of the world famous brand

Shoes Vans – shoes, sneakers, running shoes and casual shoes of the world famous brand
Vans shoes is a product that produces the popular American brand. They presented a variety of styles and types, sneakers, sneakers, boots, slippers, espadrilles, differ in coloration and design.

Among the ladies, the hatch in a casual style to be original, the popularity of sports shoes Vans. It is represented by models that are designed for both warm and cold seasons.

Brand history vans

The American brand Vans is the constant interest of many fashionistas around the world. She has been leading the story since 1966, when the first branch of Van Doren Rubber was opened. The most successful model of steel sneaker, made of canvas, for skateboarding. She breathed life into a new collection, later the range has grown considerably and been supplemented with various types of sportswear and leisure products.

Vans shoes – how do you differentiate fakes from the original?

Women Who Want to Buy Original Ladies Shoes Vans need to look out for certain items that will help you to avoid running into counterfeiting. This includes the following details:

  • You must carefully inspect the box that sells the product, it must contain the marking. The lid of the box there is the logo, done in large letters and on the pages of his repetition. It is made of very thick cardboard, which is impossible to break, if not make considerable effort;
  • You can examine the barcode with a special smartphone app that will help determine the originality of the shoe;
  • Van’s shoes must be packed in special paper
  • The high quality of the products is evidenced by the lack of loose threads, stains by glue;
  • the vast majority of models have tags in the back; [19659009] the originality is evidenced by such details as stickers on the inside of the tongue, logo on the insole;
  • Sole in the original shoe has characteristics such as tenacity, it does not slip, you can check this, if your run pass its surface;
  • Number of holes for laces depends on the size of the model. If this is the 40th, they should be 8, and if less than 7.

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Women’s Shoes Vans

A well-deserved recognition for original Vans sneakers among fashionistas around the world. They presented a variety of models, among which we can mention the following:

  • sleek sneakers without a wealth of decorative elements, they come in black, burgundy, dark blue colors and have a thicker white sole;
  • the model with the original band, known as the Jazz Stripe, is located on the side panel;
  • Products are also reinforced on the side, preventing them from wearing skateboards while exercising. In addition, this part acts as a decorative element by several lines that are used for flashing light, they are horizontal on top of each other;
  • the sneakers can be high or low, the first variant is more typical of winter models.
  • As for the material used and the workmanship, then it is often used leather, suede, canvas;
  • Vans shoes can be lightweight or insulated fur, the last option is for the winter.

High Tops Vans

Incredibly stylish and original look women high canvas shoes Vans.You can use them to create large bows, they look great with skinny jeans or leggings, miniskirts or dresses. An organic supplement will be and a leather jacket – “leather jackets”. The product is characterized by the following properties:

  • may be mild or isolated, and contains a fur undercoat;
  • The Vans shoes may have a reinforced sidewall, for this model features extra stitching that stitches the shoes like the side.

Vans low sneakers

For the warm season, many ladies prefer Vans low shoes. She presents such variations of models:

  • completely inconspicuous products or with decorative details. Often this strip is on the side;
  • As for the color, it can be white, black, burgundy, dark blue, pink vans sneakers;
  • Sole can be the same color with the product or can be made with any contrast. The most common are white and black shades.

Suede shoes Vans

Women who want to give the image a feminine and romantic look can choose from Vans suede shoes. Its characteristic features include:

  • the velvet surface makes it possible to combine the product with light airy dresses and skirts in this design;
  • Vans black shoes are universal and can be combined with articles made of clothes of any color.

Leather Sneakers Vans

Characterized by high quality leather sneakers Vans.They can be made in different colors, traditional black, white or any color. Allows the combination of different tones, mostly this happens with prorisovany strips on the side surface of the product.

Winter shoes vans

With the onset of cold weather a great alternative to the usual shoes or boots, the winter vans will be sneakers with fur. They are characterized by the following features:

  • The inner surface is reinforced with a fur lining, which provides additional protection against cold. The fur used is natural, mostly it is the sheepskin;
  • the pile may only be laid on the inside, another possibility is if it extends slightly from the top for a small edge;
  • the outer design of winter shoes corresponds to the style of this brand;
  • dominated by the high winter shoes of the brand Vans, it is necessary for additional protection against cold and snowfall in products.

Women’s Shoes Vans

Although shopping arc is primarily associated with sneakers, there are shoe delivery vehicles of other types. Among them we can list the following:

  • Shoes that will meet in autumn or winter;
  • great alternatives to sneakers are the sneakers, which can be used for sports or extraordinary pictures in a casual style; [19659009] The urban onion is a perfect complement to casual shoes, providing comfort and a stylish look;
  • For the summer season is the perfect solution slate, with which you can make great beach bows.

Shoes Vans

A comfortable choice for everyday walking will be the women’s shoes Vans. Externally, they are the style of the brand, reminiscent of sneakers or running shoes. Among their properties are the following:

  • the stem can range from low to high, similar to boots;
  • there is lace that can match the color of the product, or make it bold contrast;
  • Vans shoes includes a thicker platform sole that prevents slipping.

Womens Sneakers Vans

To create a stylish and spectacular bows designed sneaker made by this brand. With their help it is possible to take such pictures:

  • For sports created with the appropriate costumes that complement Vans sports shoes.
  • Every day you can create it with a combination of black, white or colored sneakers and all kinds of jeans, pants, shorts, skirts and dresses.
  • Romance that can be created by putting on pink suede sneakers vans and airy dresses or skirts.
  • Espadrilles Vans

    Lovers of light bows will appreciate women’s shoes. on shoes vans. When designing shoes and shoes, preference is given to the fixed models, and designers are fully immersed in the production of espadrilles. This manifests itself in the following terms:

    • the variety of colors, which can not only be solid, but contain all kinds of prints, for example, they can be striped or floral motifs;
    • the model is very original, it has an unusual coloring, reminiscent of the appearance of a chessboard;
    • To make the picture brighter, it will help to use glossy materials in silver tones.

    slate car

    On hot summer days, this find will be slate women Vans. We can note these frequent variants of their registration:

    • with a wide top, made in the style of slippers;
    • with a thin membrane placed between the toes;
    • the footwear uses a rubber material;
    • the sole may be thin or thickened, similar to a small platform;
    • as for color, it is presented in a great variety. Slates can be made in subtle black and white, dark blue, or bright pink or green colors;
    • the top and bottom of the shoes can match the color running in a similar color scheme or make a striking contrast.

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