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Short boots – 40 photo stylish casual pictures

Short boots – 40 photos, stylish, casual pictures
Short boots are one of the most popular types of shoes designed for the fall and spring seasons. They presented a variety of models: wide or narrow shaft, wedge, platform, narrow or oily heel.

Short boots are popular among women for their versatility. This is because they fit with numerous garments, such as skirts or pants of different lengths.

Short boots 2018

Short boots are featured in the collections of many famous fashion designers. Variations among models are as follows:

  • isolated, with fur that acts as a striking element of the decor. It may be in the form of the edge at the top of the shaft or in the form of fur strips decorating the product over its surface;
  • short boots for spring – are especially relevant with the advent of warm days. You can in different design solutions and styles, meet sporty, elegant, casual models;
  • If the design used as the rigor and conciseness and the decoration of all kinds of decorative elements, such as rivets, lace, rhinestone, applique
  • in terms of the material used for its manufacture, it is presented in options such as leather, suede, suede, nubuck, textile, velvet, felt;
  • Colors are extremely diverse, from classic black and brown tones, and bright, able to bring a touch of freshness in the spring season, and a variety of saturated shades that make the picture vivid and memorable.

[19659003] Short boots for women

Fashion designers who use their collections of short boots stop at the various model variants. You can differentiate in these properties:

  • Depending on the style, it can be sporty, elegant, everyday. They can be made in classic, riding and biker style;
  • Women who prefer elegance often opt for the models with heel. It can be narrow, made in the form of rivets, or a broad and sustainable;
  • for everyday wear perfectly suitable shoes to go low;
  • depending on the season, it may be women’s winter short boots or spring model; [19659006] the stem may be wide, made in the form of short “whistles”, have a medium classical width or be made as a thin and form-fitting leg in the form of “stocking”;
  • Wedge or platform products are stable while providing visual growth;
  • for rainy, muddy weather, great solution would be a rubber model.

Short boots with heels

Girls striving to create elegant and feminine bows will appreciate the short heeled boots. This detail can be presented in the following variations:

  • made in the form of a narrow lug, which can be upholstered with leather or made in metallic form;
  • both wide and high heels, visually adds growth and at the same time more comfortable to wear than slim. It can be simple and easy or with different elements, eg. As rivets or shiny stones, be decorated;
  • Girls who prefer comfort will appreciate the short high-heeled boots. It can be made in both high and low versions, in the latter case it is the perfect finish for a casual style and offers maximum comfort when worn;
  • The heel can be thickened in combination with a thin sole or slightly thickened plateau

Short boots without heels

The perfect solution for everyday wear are short ladies boots without heels. They can be found in such variations, which differ in the following properties:

  • with a completely flat thin sole;
  • with a slightly thickened platform;
  • such models are perfectly combined with thin long or short pants, skinny jeans; [[19659006] short casual boots without heels are to choose large, slender girls, owners of magnificent shapes, they can focus on the shortcomings of the figure.

Short boots, stockings

Owners slim toned figure and beautiful legs will be able to afford women short stockings. Their special features include:

  • Since a material often used for making velvet or suede, they look very organic and fit perfectly with this model;
  • Products can be supplemented by elastic bands on the sides that make them comfortable to wear;
  • This style looks fantastic with different models of skirts or dresses, it gives femininity and makes the picture very attractive.

Short boots with a wide shaft

To hide certain figure defects, designed short wide boots. They are ideal for women with excessively full legs. Among the properties of the products are the following:

  • the most commonly used materials for manufacture are leather and suede;
  • These shoes are extremely organic in dark shades, visually bring extra slim legs;
  • short wide boots can be heels, wedge heel or platform;
  • such a feature requires the selection of certain garments. This can be a mini skirt or a short dress, if you choose jeans or pants, better if you have a narrow leg.

Short platform boots

For a cool leisure bow, a short leather ankle boot would be a great addition. There are his variations:

  • it can have a wavy or smooth tractor sole;
  • can be slightly thickened or very high, the latter option is designed to produce exceptionally memorable images;
  • The platform can act in combination with a wide heel

Short wedge boots

An excellent alternative to models on the heel are short suede boots or leather goods, complemented by heels. This detail is presented in the following design options:

  • can be narrow or wide;
  • With regard to the material used for the manufacture, the wedge may be covered with leather, suede, cork or another structure;
  • The wedge heel can be simple and supple or decorated with various decorative elements such as rhinestones and rivets.

Short rubber boots

In rainy weather, women’s short rubber boots would be the ideal solution. They are found in such variations:

  • classic muted tones or bright and saturated;
  • can contain platform, wedge, wide, stable heel;
  • Products can be smooth or contain a variety of bright prints: plaid, stripes, floral or vegetative, animal ornaments, geometric and abstract shapes

What to wear with short boots?

Many ladies wonder what to wear with cropped models of shoes? In order to obtain a holistic and harmonious arch, it is advisable to note the following points:

  • With the shortened models of the jackets are very organic-looking shoes, sporty style, provided with lacing. However, with short jackets look good and other options for boots, be it narrow or wide heel, wedge heel, platform.
  • When choosing skirts or dresses, it is recommended that you pay attention to the following. Their length should either be shortened or lengthened on the ground. This is because the boots should either be completely open to the public or the top should be covered. Otherwise, if the selected length MIDI neorganichno look due to the matching horizontal lines.
  • The skirt is straight cut style “pencil” can be combined with elegant patterns on the heel or shortened baykerskiy boots. In the latter case you get an incredibly original contrast arc.
  • A universal solution combined with things like color styles are black short boots. Colored products can be combined with clothes of similar or contrasting colors, depending on the color combination and harmonious appearance.
  • What to wear with short boots

    Short boots with dress

    Depending on the season short snowshoes spring models or can be worn with different types of dresses. Possible combinations include:

  • Flared can be fitted with elegant heels and a sporty, laced trim. In the latter case, it will look spectacular lower part of the dress, which is decorated in the form of a pack.
  • To go to the office, this option circulated as a strict shift dress and elegant boots on a heel.
  • As For the length of the dresses, it is best to stay on the mini or MIDI, just above the knee. A good choice would be and Maxi covers the wave. From garments with MIDI length that reach to the middle of the ankle, it is better to refrain from doing so because a horizontal line is at the same height.

  • Jeans with short boots

    One of the most popular options is the combination with jeans. They can be any model, especially the right to combine them with certain types of shoes:

    • Suede short boots without heels, made in the form of a stocking can be combined with skinny jeans skinny or extended options to cover the shaft. The same principle is pursued, the choice of models on heels, wedges or platform;
    • Boots with a wide shaft are advisable to combine with skinny jeans that you can put inside.

    Pants with short boots

    When to choose this option as leather female short boots or suede items, perfectly conquered with pants. They can be presented in the following styles:

    • truncated culottes, which should be combined with a slinky leg sock;
    • thin pants, with the trousers stowed in the boots;
    • the direct model or the bell covers the shaft

    Coat short boots

    For the fall and spring season beautiful design will be short boots under his coat. There are variations to combine:

    • to a long floor-length coat is recommended to choose shoes with a heel to balance the image and give it elegance;
    • Short boots with a small heel can be a seamless addition to the sheath cut length or MIDI that reaches the knee. With this outerwear, it will look good and other options for shoes: wedge, platform, narrow or wide, stable heel.

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