Short Hairstyles

Short haircuts for black women

These short haircuts are very nice on black hair and tend to bring a stylish touch to your look. You can go for different bob haircuts or you can choose stunning pixie haircuts to bring your beautiful facial features. The decision is yours and everything you need is just the best choice.

Short haircuts for black women Short bob haircut

There are several types of short bob haircuts, among which you can choose the most suitable for your hair. You can choose the conical bob, the french bob or the short angled bob haircut. Short bob haircuts frame the face beautifully and underline your beauty. If you like, you can go for a multi-layered short bob and add some nice highlights for more depth and dimension.

Short haircuts for black women Pixie haircut with side pony

Too short, undercut or laterally shaved pixie hairstyles seem to be boyish and to make it feminine, we add long side pony. If you like trendy side swept pony, you can only opt for this style. Side Swept Pony are the subtle bangs that make every haircut soft and tender.

Short haircuts for black women Undercut Layered Pixie Haircut

Undercuts allow you to choose different designs on the sides of your hair, and the upper part is usually styled in many ways. You can get it in a multi-layered style and achieve a beautiful hairstyle. If you dye the upper part in a different shade, you get a unique hairstyle.

Short haircuts for black women Straight Bob Haircut

Smooth hair is much easier to turn into a bob hairstyle and this haircut is very elegant for many black women. It is seductive in its dark black hair color and looks more beautiful in styles shared styles. You can combine it with bold make-up and look trendy enough.

Short haircuts for black women Short pixie haircut

For black ladies who have slender facial features and want to show them off the short boyish pixies is a good option. Not only does it bring out your face shape and facial features, it also changes your overall look and makes you an eye-catcher.

Short haircuts for black women Asymmetric Bob Haircut

Asymmetrical bob haircuts are one of the most sought-after haircuts in black women. This style is different from the rest in its originality and creativity. With one side in a short and the other side in a longer shape, you’ll get a cool asymmetrical cut that’s hot in 2019.

Short haircuts for black women


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