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Short hairstyles for spring and summer 2019-2019

Photos of fashionable short hairstyles for women

Short hairstyles for women have been particularly favored recently. Contrary to the prevailing stereotype, a short haircut not only makes its owner elegant and stylish, but also incredibly feminine. The image of the naïve and touching female boy, who was first introduced to Coco Chanel fashion, still inspires the imagination of fashion ladies, forcing them to experiment endlessly, not just with the shape of haircuts, but also with the color of their hair Hair. Such names of “boyish” haircuts, such as a Hanson, Pixie, Page, are known to everyone, but there are many more stylish women’s haircuts!

For the lovers of refined elegance, the so-called “French” group of short haircuts that underlines the elegant elegance of classic forms and incredible charm is perfect. It can be attributed to the Ganson, Bob and Quads. But for the nature of fat and unusual – extreme haircuts that can combine asymmetry, a “torn” contour or even shaved areas on the temples and the back of the head: a haircut with feathers, a hedgehog, a sassy “pony”.

Blonde hair color short hair hairstyles for long faces source
Short hair hairstyles
Brown hair color short hairstyle for round faces source

Short hair hairstyles
Chic Side swept Pixie short hairstyle for women source

Photos of fashionable short hairstyles with bangs for women

The bang may perhaps be considered as the most versatile and dynamic element of the hairstyle, not only revitalizing all types of haircuts, but also hiding the weaknesses of the facial features, such as the problem forehead, if desired. For example, acute acute haircuts in combination with a straight or oblique bangs are perfect for owners of a massive square or overly full face, since along with elongated front strands helps to cover the widest part of the face, there is grace.

Curly natural short hair hairstyles for black women source
Sweet Pixie Shaggy Short Hair Hairstyles for Round Faces source

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