Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles will fall in 2019/2019

However, the modern haircut Messi Bob is really different than before. In particular, the modern Messi Bob takes a bulky bang aside, and additionally, stylists recommend choosing hairstyles in keeping with its unique way.

Short haircuts fall in 2018/2019

Today, to see all 100 is not enough, just to create creative haircuts, stylists point out that the hairstyle should be voluminous and creative. Messi Bob involves cutting medium length closer to short hair, which features throughout its length. Haircut looks solid and impressive, especially when it comes to adding bulk creative pony.

Messi Bob haircut will be a great solution for owners of oval face shapes, coupled with a three-dimensional pony, it looks incredibly attractive. Choose a fashionable hairstyle Messi Bob, you should understand that on the laying you will need a lot of time. All this is because the calibration requires a special styling. It should be clear that in 2018, it is important to focus on the volume of hair.
Cutting volumetric place

If you want to create an elegant and vivid image, stylists offer this year, on the haircut in the style of the three-dimensional square. Volumetric Caret is a good solution for different lengths of hair. However, it is important to remember that this season is fashionable to create a classic square whose main feature is a straight volume pony. The classic square indicates a hair length in the middle of the shoulders. This haircut will satisfy the owners of oval face shapes or oblong face shape, because paired with voluminous pony hairstyle it looks incredibly attractive.

Short Hairstyles Fall 2018/2018 (4) [19659010] Short Haircuts Fall 2018/2018 (5)
Short haircuts Autumn 2018/2018 (10)
Short Haircuts Fall 2018/2018 (15)

Short Haircuts Autumn 2018/2018 (16)
Short haircuts Autumn 2018/2018 (19)
Short Hairstyles Fall 2018/2018 (28)
Short Hairstyles Fall 2018/2018 (31) [19659037] Short Haircuts Fall 2018/2018 (32)

Short haircuts Autumn 2018/2018 (33)

Short haircuts Autumn 2018/2018 (34)

Short haircuts Autumn 2018/2018 (35)

If you want to create a striking hairstyle asymmetrical Bob, pay attention to the tapered in the area of ​​the front hair tresses cutting elements.
Asymmetric haircut Bob looks incredibly attractive in a couple with asymmetrical front legs. If the stylists used to recommend placing the main accent on a strand of hair, today it is actually an asymmetry on all strands of hair. As a result, you get a very short haircut, where the pony is noticeably elongated and has jagged edges. This hairstyle will be a good solution for owners of round face shapes. You should understand that asymmetry is designed to correct any facial imperfections. In the process of cutting, the master can correct any visible invisible flaws hair structure and so on.

Pixie Haircut

Creative and colorful hair new season to fashionable styling pixie. Many people prefer to create this haircut. We’ve already noticed that Pixie haircut looks incredibly attractive in a short asymmetrical pony. Pixie haircut is a short haircut, with a graduation along the entire length of the strands. This haircut is a kind of work of art, because the master in free style forms hair strands and also makes the grain over the entire length. Who would like a pixie haircut? If you are a fan of volume haircuts, have a stretched or elongated face shape, watch out for Pixie’s fashionable hairdo. In addition, Pixie haircut is a good solution for owners of thin and brittle hair. It gives the hair extra volume and makes the picture visually younger and more attractive.

Sesson haircut

Sesson haircut is another fashionable creative hairstyle that forms a vivid picture. Sesson Haircut is a kind of cap on the hair that implies even hair tips and volumetric straight pony. I would like to point out that this haircut is not for everyone, only for the owners of thin and smooth straight hair, as well as for girls with an oval face shape. You should understand that Sesson’s haircut is pretty problematic in laying, but it’s worth tributing to her, she looks incredibly creative.
Choose a fashionable short haircut for the new season, pay attention to the Garçon haircut, as well as the fashionable Pag haircut and the asymmetrical quads are in vogue.

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