Short jeans – what to wear and to create stylish pictures?

Short jeans can become a stylish image supplement. They are presented in numerous variations of models: it can be straight, conical, wide, flared pants, friend, high or low cracked elements.

In recent seasons, fashion designers have come to the attention of the fairer good, different variations of jeans, under which each girl can choose a product to your liking. Short jeans are among the most popular models.

Cropped Jeans, 2018

One of the trends this year are cropped jeans, which are represented in many fashion collections. When designing, the designers have tried to take into account the latest trends, including:

  • The cropped effect can be achieved by length and by a sprained leg. In the latter case, it is possible to vary its length at its discretion, creating a new arc each time;
  • Availability of a variety of informal pieces, such as What could have a different size would be a short pair of jeans, relevant classics, no unnecessary items, just casual, traditional blue or dark blue
  • As a material, it washes as a compact and extremely lightweight denim;
  • As for the color, it presents a variety of hues such as the classic palette of light blue to dark blue, white, gray and black and bold, saturated colors such as red, pink, green.

Short ladies jeans

In the collections of famous designers, women present short-cut jeans of various styles. The most common ones include the following:

  • classic straight pants that are suitable for creating many pictures, they can even be worn without strict dress code;
  • a very interesting variant that allows you to create an incredibly original way of exhibiting the style;
  • Amateur and informal sports bows value products casually;
  • Owners of magnificent shapes can correct the shape and hide the extra volume when choosing a model with a high waist;
  • The casual style is ideal for short boyfriend jeans or things that contains torn elements;
  • To emphasize the dignity of the figure and rejuvenates adjacent model

Straight cut jeans

Straight pants are almost always associated with classics, and that applies to short models. You can use them to create different looks:

  • casual when worn as top T-shirts, denim shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts;
  • Business image, complemented by strict and laconic blouses or shirts and jackets. Especially good for these figure-hugging black cropped jeans or dark blue products.

Short cut flare jeans

Very unusual and original short jeans with a short cut. They can be combined with different garments, the choice of which depends on the width of the legs:

  • a narrower torch that emanates from the knee can be combined with both a firm and a loose tip;
  • a wide torch can only be combined with the upper part of the figure, otherwise the picture becomes overloaded.

Loose Cropped Jeans

The casual style image can effectively complement the wide short jeans. They are great for beautiful good, have a stocky body and thin young ladies. However, consider the following points when programming with these points:

  • top you must necessarily choose form-fitting, which harmoniously complements the oversized soil;
  • Shoes are better suited to choose a heel, a wedge or a platform. Even if the adopted sports shoes or sneakers, better if they contain the thicker platform.

Cropped jeans with high waist

Girls with extra volume in the waist area will appreciate the high waist products. This design method helps to make the figure visually slimmer and slimmer. In this way can be different models: short boyfriend jeans, flared, conical, thin, classically straight. They can be simple and concise or contain broken elements, embroidery, appliqués and other decorative details.

Short boyfriend jeans

To create a spectacular make-up, the perfect jeans for short women, known as boyfriends, look like. Because they are characterized by such features:

  • there is often a lower waistline, which can be further enhanced by a belt;
  • welcome addition of cracked parts that may be small or located over the entire surface of the product

Short ripped jeans

Lovers of light bows will appreciate the cut-off ripped jeans. They will look very organic with athletic T-shirts, denim jackets, leather jackets and black leather jackets. Torn items can be placed in any product or on the entire surface, holes can be small or maximum sizes.

Short skinny jeans

The winner of a slimmer, slimmer body can underline it when you wear slim, cropped jeans. They can have such characteristics:

  • high or low waistline;
  • simple clear design and the addition of various decorative elements: torn details, sequins, embroidery, appliqués;
  • the leg can have shortened length and be filed or podvorachivaetsya

What to wear with short jeans?

To make a harmonious and stylish image, it is important to understand what you should wear with cut jeans. The choice of clothes and shoes depends on the following points:

  • The season in which you want to wear the thing. Depending on this as a top selection of T-shirts, blouses, T-shirts, shirts, suites, rooms, sweaters, cardigans, jackets. For the winter time will be relevant to the choice of jackets, coats, coats and insulated jackets.
  • The picture you want to create. Concise model with straight or conical trousers, which is also suitable for the office of the onion. They can be supplemented with strict shirts and jackets. For casual or sports-look pullovers, sweatshirts, miscellaneous jackets, shirts and tees.
  • The cut presenting short jeans. With a wide hem in the adjacent figure will look organically the top that should not overload the picture. Narrowed models can be combined with free-riding oversized.

How to Wear Cropped Jeans in Winter?

With the onset of cold weather, the fair good that has bought a stylish new, the question: how to dress short jeans in the winter? The most important things to watch out for are the right selection of clothes and shoes:

  • You can choose from short and long jackets, jackets, coats and fur coats. But pay attention to the length of the upper clothing should look harmonious. You should exclude the length that corresponds to the length of the pants or be slightly shorter, as the picture in this case could look out of place.
  • Choose the shoes for style that present short trendy jeans. When the leg is rejuvenated, it is possible to supplement them not only with boots and high boots. This option is not suitable for a wide leg, in which case you should choose shoes or boots with a medium-length shaft on which pants are placed.

What should you wear with short jeans in the summer? [19659019] Choose a short summer jeans can be combined with numerous garments, among which we can mention the following:

  • Because the top fits a variety of blouses, from light airy fabrics, T-shirts and cropped tops. From the top you can throw a light jacket or blouse
  • The choice of shoes depends on the style, which presents short, stylish jeans and pieces of one or the other of the fair good. Shapely, tinted girls can choose ballerinas or sandals to go low, and the owners of gorgeous shapes is recommended that shoes with heels, wedges or platform. Will look good models, complete with all kinds of straps accentuates the elegance of the ankle.

Which shoes are wearing short jeans?

After buying the latest fashion one of the most important questions is: Which shoes with short wear jeans? The choice of models mainly due to the fact in which style trousers are presented and what kind of shape has some nice good. You can specify these general options:

  • For slender girls, shoes do not just fit on the heel, but to go low. It can be sandals, ballerinas, shoes for the warm season, shoes, boots and boots for cold weather.
  • Owners of magnificent shapes to give the figure visual harmony, it is preferable to use sturdy shoes with a wide or narrow heel, high wedge or platform
  • Optional conical legs can even be combined with high boots that filled the inside. This option does not fit with loose trousers, they can only wear trousers over boots or boots with a medium-length shaft.
  • You can wear short jeans and boots with the shorter cuff. It is recommended to wear dark tights that cover the ankle.
  • Sports bar perfectly complements shoes or sneakers. This image will be perfect for the fall and spring seasons, as part of the casual look.
  • For the summer season, the ideal solution would be the sandals with sophisticated straps, a contoured ankle and an extra emphasis on it.


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