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Short pants, what to wear, to create fashion pictures?

Short pants, what to wear, how to create fashion pictures
Short pants – quality hits of the last century, are preferred by the true fashionistas because of their versatility. They are suitable for both business and elegant casual wear for young girls as well as mature women.

The returning fashion for short-cut trousers suggests that Retro is the confident leader on the world stage. The taxis of the 80s, if you want to be in fashion this spring and summer – do not hesitate to buy a few things, whether leather, denim, corduroy, cotton, fabric or velvet, and experiment with pictures. 19659003] Short pants 2018

Short black trousers with a regular fit and print, depending on the cut and fabric of choice. Strict classics – perfect for the office, fashionable pants, bell bottoms and items with ruffles, ruffles and stripes of trendy materials with designer decor and glitter – a great base for a vacation. Always decent: leather and suede models, the grange and casual look: biker boyfriend and skinny “Cigarette”. Popular patterns: thin and wide stripes, checked and houndstooth patterns, dots and floral motifs, embroidery and contrasting side panels

What pants color is in demand for young ladies, fashion? At the height of popularity is not only in the black and white pants, and things in rich colors red, green, blue, yellow, brown and khaki universal. Jeans in all shades of Cato, light gray and coffee, cut pastel trousers in blue, beige, milk white and pearl tones.

Ladies Cropped Pants

Trend of pants for women have English length 7/8, 3/4, 1 cm above the heel of the shoe, which is considered the office, and Capri, and a variety of models able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes. In the course of stylish skirts, trousers, wide and flared clothes narrow and classic cut. Megahits – retro elephant with cuffs on the legs and cuffs at the waist, trousers on various cuffs and ties

In addition to solid solutions, interesting short pants with designer decor in the form of:

  • large and small individual and voluminous ruffles and ruches, short and long fringes;
  • Cuts in front, back and sides, accents of various accessories, including rhinestones and sequins;
  • the asymmetry of the cut as the upper and lower part of the trousers; [19659010] various fashionable prints: floral, abstract or geometric, serpentine and predatory;
  • Contrast panels and soft or sharp gradients

Short classic pants

In the spirit of English women’s costume, cut off classic pants have a smooth loose or slightly tapering, are made of high quality materials or monotone fabrics with traditional geometric patterns. This is the best option to create unique business bows because the maximum allowable decoration in these pants – arrow, lower cuff and belt to accentuate the waist. Acceptable colors, office style: gray, white, black, blue and dark brown

Short classic pants

Wide shorts

Leading fashion designers believe that monochrome shorts straight cut will bring long-awaited variety into everyday life even for the women who rely on the company’s strict dress code. From seasonal favorites – velvet and mish-mash velvet, silk and satin, with original embellishments, they will be the perfect foundation for evening trousers ensembles. Fashionistas who prefer comfort, offer “bananas” made of natural leather and jeans with pleats. Lightweight loose-cut trousers and printed solutions made of flax or cotton are indispensable in summer.

Wide shorts

Short pants Short trousers

In all fashion shows leading fashion houses represented, shorts, like a skirt, full free smooth or flared cut – the undisputed leader of the season spring-summer 2018. What is trending

  • Unusual pants with the smell and a thin belt, emphasis on the hips, the pants firmly on the yoke, where the main reflex begins at the hip
  • Asymmetrical, short-cut pants, pleated and a classic of the genus Chanel
  • Skirt pants and wide rubberized or quilted belt top that distinguish the waist.
  • Cropped flared pants

    A real seasonal mast will have short flared pants after two retro hit: Bell bottom 70s and cropped length 80. Ladies, accustomed to the look latest fashion, do not go wrong If you pay attention to the options leather from the hip, pants with flounces ruffle where Fit is issued from the knee, and various bell-bottom jeans. Novelty couture stylish Capri pants and culottes in a rich palette, short-cut pants glossy tight and thin fabrics, ideal for many variants of the smart-casual look.

    Cropped flared pants

    Cropped pants with high waist

    Replacing the trends of the past with a low rise, women came across short pants with high waist that look visually slim and fit for every build. In smooth and narrow models, the high waist visually increases growth and weight loss, and loose trousers, flared pants and pants skirt are not only able to emphasize the waist, but also to remove defects of the body, to hide large hips or entire legs , Classic high-rise, in the cold, and summer is an optimal and versatile choice for the office with strict rules of appearance.

    Cropped pants with a high waist

    Cut off tuxedo pants

    Modern fashion is unusual, and short black pants with contrasting side panels have long been beyond the basics of sport chic. Straight pants with stripes in the new season will be a great element to create different experimental images of urban chic and elegant models. Leading designers have suggested replacing traditional color inserts of small or medium sized shuttlecocks, which are rigorously positioned laterally and displaced forward.

    Short cut tuxedo pants

    Short pants for fat women

    Who has decided that a loose, flared and straight-cut pants do not fit curvy beauties? If you select the top skillfully, you will get a unique and beautiful image that is equally suitable for easy and everyday wear. Stylists suggest:

    • to combine shorts with oversized dresses and poluprilegayuschy shirts, jumpers, t-shirts and shirts;
    • Pantsuits create tunics or blousons to undress and pants, jacket with shirt or blouse and pants. [19659038] Get a fashionable “outfit” that combines a shirt or turtleneck sweater under a voluminous sweater, pullover, jacket, waistcoat and jacket, and shorts like a sleek classic flare. Fashion experts recommend women with big boobs that do not wear elephants, and harem pants combined with a tight top that gets stuck in their pants.

      What to wear with shorts? [19659004] In response to the question of what to wear with shorts, the style makers offer a variety of variations of the same rigorous and elegant suits to the ensembles of crop tops and cropped pants. The perfect elements to create seasonal shorts for urban chic are turtlenecks and blouses under jackets, leather jackets, pilots and bombers, pea coats and outerwear lady. Behind the versatile blazers, capes and ponchos, sweatshirts and oversized knit and crochet sweaters.

      Warm winter trousers are great for coats, coats, coats and short coats, long, mini and midi. Spring and summer are full of variety and allow young and slender babes daring combinations, for example, trousers, top, cropped top, mature women – costumes of chic French style, beautiful shirts and blouses, summer jackets and bombers with culottes and exposed

      Pictures with shortened pants

      Always a great urban chic: Stylish shorts in different styles are harmoniously coordinated with each other and the other elements of the entire ensemble. So, for culottes and flared models, depending on size, loose blouses, shirts, tops in pants or over them can fit. Sweater razlicici, oversized and loose on the hips, with long sleeves and taken decisions without sleeves. Couture summer looks: trousers with dresses and blouses with peplum.

      The next fall will not be boring even in shades of gray, if you choose short shorts or jackets in military style or double-breasted or single-breasted coat with a collar length to mid-calf. This will dilute the image of bright and original accessories in original bags and the modern scarf. Presentable all in leather or in one color, interesting layered loops in the style of grunge and glamor-grunge: leather pants similar to a sweater and biker jacket or “pilot”.

      Which shoes are wearing shorts?

      No matter style and cut, shortened trousers with styled boots is the best harmonious combination in autumn-winter. Depending on the destination to choose the image with such pants, are perfectly combined with all the shoes from the sophisticated retro top and heels to street timbers and military ankle boots. Under leather “Cigarette” jeans versatile and matching seasonal trends: the Cossacks, country-style boots with cowboy toe.

      Outfits with shorts

      Democracy leading fashion lines that create their unique images and experiment with elements of onion is not forbidden. Wear comfortable shoes under the cropped trousers: high heels, practical socks and slip-ons, sneakers and running shoes, sandals, or low platform and wedge heels, also with socks and high binding to the leg. The only criterion is the overall harmony of the resulting ensemble, with each element maximizing attractiveness and optimizing overall appearance.

      Stylish bows with short pants

      [19659003] Who are these cut-off pants?

      Stylish shorts 3/4 are ideal for slim and tall women, beautiful women of average size, it is better to look for models of office or length 7/8 chinos. These choices are in line with the high heel shoes, the comfortable wedge and the platform, this combination visually decreases and increases growth. Low women and girls, according to the stylists, it is appropriate to pay attention to cropped cropped trousers with high waist, but if you have the culottes or flames, you have to choose the right accessories, harmonious top and shoes.

      Owners of luxury forms of the legislators of the style are not recommended to choose loose pants and dropped waist, and it is better to prefer concise cut with minimal ornaments. Straight and tailored solutions, trousers or flirty skirt and pants in combination with a loose top, or a business trouser suit – perfect for many occasions, both in everyday life and for the evening and festive “outfits”.

      Short-cut pants as the basis of a fashionable image

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