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Short wavy hair ideas for ladies

Wavy hairstyles are not a popular option for women in trends. So in this post we have the pictures of Short Wavy Hair Ideen für Damen collected and want you to opt for a pixie cut!

Waves are super cute, yet modern and trendy ! If you have naturally wavy hair, show it in one of the flattering short styles that will frame your face and perfectly emphasize your best facial features! If you are not naturally wavy hair you can easily create different waves using a curling iron, a paddle brush or even a hair straightener! Beach waves are very popular with women bob frisuren To achieve the beach look, just spray your hair with one Sea Salt Spray oder texturierenden Haarsprays. Lose Wellen sind auch in Trends, die Sie Bob Frisur mit loose waves even for weddings. Before styling make sure that products with heat protection are used.

Here in this post you will find the latest wavy short hair ideas to create a new and fresh look. Look at these pictures now and let yourself be inspired!

1. Short wavy hairstyle

Short wavy hair

2. Wavy short hair

Wavy short hair

3. Short haircut for wavy hair

Short haircut for wavy hair

4. Short hairstyle for wavy hair

Short hairstyles for wavy hair

5. Wavy short hairstyle

Wavy short hairstyles


Short Wavy Hairstyles-6


Short wavy hairstyles-7


Short Wavy Hairstyles-9


Short Wavy Hairstyles-10


Short Wavy Hairstyles-11


Short wavy hairstyles-13


Short Wavy Hairstyles-14


Short Wavy Hairstyles-15


Short Wavy Hairstyles-16


Short wavy hairstyles-17


Short wavy hairstyles-18


Short wavy hairstyles-19


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