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Simple 2 Minute Hairstyle: Princess Braid And Bun

Out of the door and on the run

Most of us are always in a hurry, while we make makeup and hair. You may not have much time, but you know you have to look your best. Whether in class or in the office, we all want to portray a well-groomed personality.

A big concern that most girls and women alike have is hair. Most of us have the same hair look every day. Keeping your hair open is not advisable as it looks chaotic by noon. Tomorrow can be difficult to create a lavish hairstyle. Stylish hairstyles need time

Not correct!

Hair styling can be a very easy task, as long as you go with something simple. Choose an updo that’s easy to reach and does not take up much time.

Dieses besondere Prinzessinnenhaargeflecht ist speziell für Sie gedacht, wenn Sie wenig Zeit haben. Es ist ein Stil, der professionell aussieht und bleiben wird. Es kombiniert einen Zopf und Brötchen Aussehen und wird in 2 Minuten flach sein. Hört sich interessant an? Nun, folgen Sie den Schritten und sehen Sie selbst mit diesen zwei Minuten Frisuren!

Princess Braid Hairstyle Step by Step:

This tutorial will help you create the simplified version of the princess pigtail that Nicole Richie wears in the picture.

Things you need to create the look:

  • Elastic
  • Bobby pins
  • A hairbrush

How To Braid The Hair:

Step 1:

Brush your hair thoroughly and remove all knots and knots.

Step 2:

Step 02

Split the hair in the middle

Now, French braids begin to hair in the front area.

Step 3:

Step 03
Lichen to just behind the ear

Now secure the hair with a small hair tie

Step 4:

Repeat the above steps on the other side

Step 5:

Step 05
Gather all the hair together with the bra idd sections

Now start turning them together.

Step 6:

Step 06
Now secure the bun with an elastic band

Step 7:

Step 07
Use bobby pins to knit loose strands

end result

This is a perfect style that works both in the office and on a casual day. It keeps your hair from falling to your face and still gives you a soft and feminine touch.

You can also wear this hairstyle for a wedding or a beach or pool party. Accessories with some interesting hair accessories or hair accessories.

Hier sind ein paar interessante Möglichkeiten, um das Haar accessorize:

1. Flowers on the side:

Flowers on the side
This is a classic way to add some interesting touches to your hair. A big flower on the side is always a nice way to draw attention to the hairstyle.

2. Lace Headbands:

Lace headbands
Lace headbands are very “in” this season. They immediately give the whole look a feminine and girlish touch.

3. A single flower:

a single flower
There’s nothing like wearing a single flower in your hair. If possible, go to a real flower. You can also wear an artificial one.

4. Jeweled Bow:

jeweled bow
This is a fun accessory to wear, especially if you go to a retro themed party. Otherwise, you can just wear it to get a classic look and let the heads spin immediately.

Follow the steps for the hairstyle above and conjure up interesting hair accessory ideas. Let us know if you know other 2 min hairstyles!

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