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Simple Fishtail Braid Tutorial: Step by Step Picture Guide

Summer is approaching and we start to get sweaty. Is there a better way to show your hair by tying it with a fishtail ribbon? This is a perfect way to pull back your hair and get some relief, and look classy and elegant. All you have to do is follow a crosswise technique. So let’s learn how to make a fishtail braid. Start by preparing your hair. Apply a good serum and comb your hair. The serum not only helps unravel your hair, it also gives it shine. I would recommend that you use a paddle brush to confuse your hair and get a massive volume and silky soft hair. To get the basic look, follow these steps:

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need step 1:

Brush all your hair

Comb all your hair back and hold it at the nape of the neck. You can either pin it with bobby pins or with a rubber band. This holds your hair tight. You can also use a disposable rubber band so you can cut it off with scissors at the end.

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Step 2:

Divide the piece into three pieces
Unlike the classic braids, divide your ponytail into two equal parts instead of three. Note: For a perfect romantic look, you can even leave a few dainty tendrils on one side.a81044nxI9I

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Step 3:

Continue braiding
Now, with your finger, separate a thin strand of hair from the outer edge near the elastic band and cross it to the opposite side. To tighten the braid, mince the strands. Repeat the same with a small thread from the other side.

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Step 4:

Lichen down
Likewise, overlap the threads from both sides of the ponytail until they reach the ends. Make sure you pull smaller sections from the bottom and cross over the other section. Grab a portion of the same size from the other side so that your braid looks uniform.

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Step 5:

fix the hairstyle
Once you have braided your hair to the end, secure it with an elastic band. Now use a pair of scissors and carefully cut out the rubber band when you have used it to secure your ponytail to the neck. Use bobby pins to pull loose strands that you want to put in. Gently pull on your braid with your fingers to give it an effortless, thoughtful, and elegant look. Finish with a setting spray.

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