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Simple natural make-up tutorial

Even though you are used to using a particular lipstick and eye shadow line of the usual form in spring, there is a reason to break stereotypes. They want some positive changes.

So, how to raise your eyes ? One of the most important requirements for a fashion make-up is a clear choice of the predominant accent or the emphasis on the eyes or lips.

For the best eye make-up use the eyeliner. Draw the lines in classic shape, repeat the line of the upper eyelid, almond – part of the make-up “cat’s eyes” or Cleopatra lines. In the latter case, the line is pulled from the inner corner of the eye on the upper eyelid almost to the temple, the line should be out of order.

Fashion eyeshadow spring-summer

Smokey Eyes Make-up continues its triumphal procession through fashionable catwalks or arrows with blurred, smoky contours, shaded and smeared along its entire length. The variety of colors and shapes of the lines that we see in the exhibited models by Giorgio Armani. By the way, the emphasis on the eyes, not only possible, but also necessary to choose an inconspicuous lipstick. “Smokey Eyes” in combination with a pink lipstick that comes so close to the lips, is a good variant of the daily make-up.

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