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Smokey eye makeup for brown eyes

Smokey eye make-up for brown eyes3

Make-up, however, helps to underline its definition so that we can achieve a mysterious effect. Smokey Eye Tutorial and Makeup Styles for brown eyes are listed below.

Make-up should not only consider eye color but also hair color and skin color.


Brunette with light skin is recommended for dark brown eyes to use bright eye shadow colors. For example, ivory or champagne, beige, peach. You can also combine these neutral shades with stronger colors like purple, violet or gray. It is important to shade all edges evenly. Green and bronze eyeshadow colors go well with brown skin. In both cases you can use dark brown or black eyeliners.


Women with brown and red hair should pay attention to crayons (blue, peach, light gray, champagne) and choose brown eyeliner.


Blondes with brown eyes should prefer a brown color palette as well as blue, beige and gray eyeshadow colors. You can use brown or black eyeliner for arrows.

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