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Smokey Eye Tutorial for brown eyes

Using the black eyeliner, carefully draw the line on the upper eyelid and fill in the gaps between the eyelashes. If your eyes are too wide open, this moment can be covered with the same pencil that paints the upper eyelid over the mucous membrane.

Eyeshadow looks for brown eye

How to apply brown eyeshades

On pretty makeup for brown eyes should be applied with the help of a flat brush. We start with the darkest color shade, usually black or other dark colors. Using the bar-shaped movements, apply the shadows from the center of the upper eyelid along the line, emphasizing the curves of the eye. Try to make the color more intense. Other soiled a little applied shadows with a brush.

This application is the golden rule of a smoky eye make-up for brown eyes. Using a flat brush, apply a very thin line along the eyelashes of the lower eyelid with a specific color. Apply lighter shadows after smearing the dark tone. Put the shadows up a bit and try to repeat the blink of an eye. Then blur the transition line from one color to another, so that it gradually looks like a brush.

Apply the last tone of the shadow, but lighter in tone. Without closing your eyes, put shadows on the crease, higher than the previous tone, and shade the transition again.

The same color should be applied in the inner corner of the eye, under the lower eyelid and brow line, highlighting eyes more ..

Use purple, blue, purple shades in brown eye makeup, especially if you have fair skin. Dark skin allows the use of brown-olive color.

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