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Sneaker – what to wear and how to create fashion pictures?

Sneakers – what to wear and how to create fashion pictures
Stylish and original sneakers are a blend of the two types of shoes popular with modern fashionistas. They have a bright and attractive appearance, incredible comfort and amazing lightness.

If the shoes have long been known in the fashion world, the sneakers have recently settled on the catwalks, but this did not stop them gain unprecedented popularity among active fashionistas of all ages. Lately, girls and women are more interested in sneakers is a hybrid of these two types of shoes, combining the benefits of each.

Sneakers and sneakers – the differences

The question of what distinguishes the sneakers from the shoes takes many of the fair good. Although these two types of women are similar from an external point of view, they have many distinguishing features, such as:

  • on the bottom of the sneakers a thick rubber sole, through which the movement is virtually noiseless. This property gave this type of shoes its name – it comes from the English word to sneak (“sneak”);
  • of sneakers, on the contrary, the sole is closer to the sports world. It takes into account the anatomical features of the foot and almost always has a ribbed surface that provides additional cushioning and comfort for sports;
  • Sneakers traditionally attached with Velcro and running shoes – Zalneraviciute with laces. To date, however, this rule has lost its relevance – modern models are often not only failed, but contrary;
  • Sneakers increasingly voluminous. To achieve this effect, they are often isolated and stuffed with synthetic padding;
  • Moreover, this type of shoe almost always covers the ankle, while the height of the classic sneakers is much lower;
  • Finally, all girls who do not think they should buy sneakers or sneakers should be aware that the first ones are more suited for sports and active leisure, and the latter for creating stylish and eye-catching images for different situations.

Sneakers in 2018

In the season of fashionable sneakers became one of the main trends, won an unprecedented popularity among beautiful ladies of various ages. This hybrid is also great for walks or outdoor activities, for romantic get-togethers and for learning. Particularly relevant is this model in a circle of young ladies who do not feel uncomfortable while wearing and look radiant, stylish and spectacular.

Fashionable sneakers from the year 2018 are presented in an incredibly large selection. Very popular this year are white products without unnecessary decoration, simple bold colors, embroidery, appliqu├ęs and contrasting panels. Stylists and designers are very attentive to the zippers, usually there are not only comfortable Velcro closures that make putting on and taking off even easier, but also decorative or natural lacing.

Do not give away their positions and products with prints. In 2018 there are delicate and romantic models with floral motifs, bright and original options, checkered and striped, youthful pieces with the logos of music groups and sports teams. In the line of Kenzo appeared this season also charming sneakers with pictures of the animal fans.

Ladies sneakers

For all the girls who wonder what’s right for them – sneakers or sneakers, stylists and designers have developed a mix of these two types of shoes, combining the benefits of the other two. The range of most women’s brand shoes is a variety of different models of these products, under which each lady can choose the variant that she likes.

So the modern ladies are incredibly popular sneakers in Nike, Adidas or Colombia, which are ideal for lovers of an active lifestyle. Romantic-minded ladies usually choose feminine variants, for example, white or pink model of Chiara Ferragni or Brunello Cucinelli.

Sneakers sneakers

Women’s sneakers are perfect for everyday wear. They have a remarkable lightness and light weight, so they do not cause discomfort even when worn for long periods. As a rule, these products are made of textiles or denim and the front part of natural or artificial leather. In addition, they almost always have a heel or a wedge in the back and many decorative elements, including the most common of all types of badges, pendants, rhinestones and more the platform

The model on the platform visually improves the growth of its owner, so tall miniature fashionistas. In the meantime, it can be uncomfortable to run, run or do sports, so girls usually use them to create stylish summer looks. Like all others, such products can have many variations. The most common and universal are the white sneakers, which are a surprising combination with all the wardrobe and accessories.

High sneakers

Products with extended stem for the transitional period. They protect the legs of the owner from cold and dirt and do not cause discomfort even in muddy weather. Typically, these models are made of leather or synthetic materials that have moisture and dirt repellency properties. They have many variations, for example:

  • high sneakers adidas, fastened with two or three velcro straps. This model looks very stylish and perfect for creating vibrant sports-style images;
  • Model suede dark colors, decorated with rhinestones or without decor. This option is totally impractical, but can even complement a business outfit;
  • Smooth leather products. A versatile option to complement business, casual or romantic pictures;
  • High sneakers with laces over the entire length of the shaft is a great option for casual look.

Sneakers with rhinestones

Feminine and elegant sneakers Wedge can also be suitable for an informal event when they are decorated with a charming pattern of rhinestones. These brilliant stones give a luxurious and exquisite look, meaning they can be worn with most skirts and dresses. Very often this footwear consists of genuine suede or velvet materials with an unusual and pleasant feel.

gold Sneakers

To stand out from the crowd and show your personality to others Women at a young age often choose unusual colors. So, one of the trends in recent years of steel products with a golden surface that look very stylish, bright and expressive.

Typically, such models combine jeans and simple T-shirts or other objects laconic design. The gold model is represented in the collections of many well-known brands. For example, a very interesting look sneakers Versace, which also have inserts in other shades.

Sneakers with fur

Especially for winter, spring and autumn, stylists and designers have developed natural-fur winter boots inside the product and used them for decoration. These models look very bright and stylish, thanks to the reliable natural insulation in them, it is impossible to freeze even in the coldest weather. Also, they are very easy to combine with outerwear – these products look great with parks and outerwear, overcoat and short coat.

What to wear with sneakers

Modern sneakers in, the pictures, with which a remarkably diverse, attracts many women. These products look very stylish and unusual, so beautiful ladies choose them for walks, shopping trips or romantic appointments. In addition, some models are designed to easily combine with sports suits with feminine dresses of various styles.

Sneakers with fur

Sneakers with shorts

Stylish and attractive sneakers are perfectly combined with shorts, of every material and every style. Add these two things with a simple t-shirt or shirt, you can make an effortless look for a walk, make friends or buy. This does not mean that this combination looks spectacular or exceptionally interesting, but every girl feels most comfortable there.

For such images, it is best to choose models of sports-style shoes without unnecessary decoration or bright applications. For example, look at good ladies sneakers in Adidas one of the most versatile shades. These products will look great with ultra-short denim shorts with fading or podvorotni, summer cotton or linen shorts or stretchy knit accentuate the seductive curves ladies.

Sneakers with a dress

Feminine Look in the summer season, it is possible to create a dress of light, airy material. Models in silk or chiffon are perfectly combined with weightless sneakers sneakers made of thin textile, decorated with charming embroidery or application on a floral theme. In the winter of the year, a good pair of sneakers on the platform of genuine leather and baggy dress becomes casual without unnecessary decoration.

Sneakers with jeans

Jeans is a universal garment that fits perfectly with all sneaker styles. Although it is best with this type of shoes, look great thin styles that you can wear and advanced variants and products with podvorotni. In the hot season, stylists recommend white sneaker sneakers made of textiles and denim jeans in thin denim, in cool weather but leather goods and comfortable pants in darker shades.

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