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Spiky Pixie Haircut: Short Hair

Spiky Pixie Haircut: Short Hair

The short cut Pixie hairstyle can charmingly frame the jaw line and show the serrated cut layers on the sides and back that bring the shape to the simple length.

The front layers perfectly contour the face and the jagged cut ends off the style superbly. The goody pixie cut with a rough edge looks cute and charming. Pre-combed hair looks stylish and makes the hairstyle softer and more delicate.

Styling Steps

  • Cut layers to the top and round off the sides to form this beautiful shape, perfect for people who want to be dressed. Cut the hair off the side and place the back longer than the side.
  • Comb the middle hair upwards to create a front guard to add more wow factor and ideally enhance the look] Use a highlight to give the whole look a lot of charm.

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