Styles coat – 56 photo of the best models for every occasion

Styles coat – 56 photo of the best models for every occasion
The fur styles are so diverse that every woman will choose the option she will decorate. This type of outerwear is intended to emphasize the beauty, grace and elegance of the owner.

The first thing others see is outerwear, so it is important to choose the option that shows your excellent taste and emphasizes individuality. Different fur styles, which target different shapes, styles and even the age and quality of the materials, highlight the status and give a sense of comfort.

The fur styles 2018

In the new season the main task of the designers was the creation of such outer clothing that does not restrict movement, but remains elegant and beautiful. If you look at the fashionable coats 2018, you can say that every woman has the option to wear comfortably and to emphasize the dignity and confidence in herself.

For every season, fashion designers create the clothes, not only trends, but also consider the specifics of the weather. This autumn-winter season will be full of fur, from necklaces, cuffs and finishing to solid products. They can be part of a stylish business image and a worthy ingredient of daily onions. Do not be afraid to combine different things. Sometimes unexpected experiments lead to the creation of unique and inimitable ensembles.

Fashionable colors and fur styles 2018

The range of lightweight outerwear surprises and delights with its variety. Colors and fashion designs coat spring 2018 full of color and interesting ideas. Important are not only shades and styles, but also the material. In rainy weather are ideal futuristic transparent plastic models. They have pockets, zippers or buttons, they can be belted or not. An important part will be the Jacquard ditch with expressive print on warm days.

Which coat styles are in fashion in the spring of 2018:

  • Stylish and fashionable coat without sleeves. It will add a highlight. This makes the bow original and memorable.
  • Floral print combined with a classic cut will emphasize femininity, gentleness and romance. And for self-confident ladies, you can choose animal print – bold, bright and fashionable.
  • Sudovye trench coat with an elongated hem, embroidery or appliqué, shoulders emphasized. In the new season, they are far from the conservative style, as their greater interest in fashionistas to arouse.
  • To underline its uniqueness and individuality, stylish coats like capes and ponchos will help these styles. Originality of performance and unexpected combinations will exceed all expectations. Such types of coat are very original, so that the printing material would be unsuitable. To create a harmonious arc, choose monochrome models.
  • Ladies coat styles

    In the latest collections of coat styles for women are available in a wide range. The image is really stylish and impeccable, it is important to choose the right model that fits perfectly on your figure, will match the fashion trends and give a sense of comfort. Something like that can refresh even the most common outfit.

    Style male character

    In order to be impressive in the selection of clothing, the characteristics of the figure must be considered and their dignity emphasized. Consider the basic ways of cutting and what kind of women they are best at:

  • In women with type “hourglass” well-defined waistline. To emphasize and enhance beauty, choose slim models or those that have a belt. This area can be further marked with a distinctive print or a contrasting horizontal line.
  • In front of the owner figure “inverted triangle” is the main task – to add volume in the hips. This can be done with the help of a light trim on the underside of the product (eg fur) or cut of the type “sun”. The upper body should be as close as possible to the body.
  • The best fur style for the figure type “pear” is oversized. To add volume in the upper part, you can either use a fur trim or due to the volume of the scarf.
  • For women with a “rectangle” shape, the best option is to coat the A-line with the waistband, which may be in tone with the product or the contrast. To soften the silhouette, a half-filled Fit and Flare model can be used. She draws the waist and balances out the proportions.
  • The fur styles for little women

    The low-growth owners are not always easy to opt for clothes that look slim and graceful. In many cases you save shoes with high heels or wedges, but not so clearly. When choosing, do not just focus on the new trends. First and foremost, the role of your individual characteristics is most important. There are several hairstyles too short, the most popular this season: cocoon, bathrobe, jacket and men’s clothing (Boyfriend, Tom Boy, etc.). To understand what to look for, you need to know exactly what details should be avoided:

  • For small stature with big breasts, you will need to choose a coat with a narrow lapels if they are available. Wide lapel in the upper part visually obscures the growth and further enhances the bust.
  • The waistline must be in place. If it is too low, the legs will appear even shorter, which is highly undesirable.
  • The product length should be just above or below the knee.
  • Beware of large patch pockets. They can visually make you pop and add volume. It is best to give preference to less visible details.
  • If you have broad shoulders then you should not buy models with dropped sleeves.

  • The coat styles for older ladies

    The biggest challenge in choosing clothes Mature ladies are not a race for the latest trends and models that can adequately highlight their status, elegance and beauty. Do not try to dress like a young girl to look younger. Often, these outfits look inappropriate and sometimes funny. The latest mantle styles for women 50 years:

  • Immutable classic. No matter how varied fashion is, you’ll look good in a classic coat. The optimal length of the MIDI. Colors can be very different from the classic solid color and end in models with floral or wild prints.
  • Fashionable coat that stays relevant for many seasons. Length and colors can be different. Also, there are variations with the types of bags, wide lapels, belts. You have the choice.
  • Mantel straight cut refers to the basic models, with which a variety of business and leisure arches can be created. The sleeve is long or ¾ depends on personal preferences and seasons. In addition, this style hides the volume in the hips when needed.
  • Oversize is relevant at any age. In this outer garment, a woman will look particularly delicate and fragile. The only limitation is low growth. In this case, it can make the silhouette more visible, stockier and overweight.
  • The fur styles for older ladies

    The fur styles for fat women

    Every year, designers create more and more models for curvy ladies. This will allow you to choose a beautiful stylish option, a woman will be confident, attractive and able to demonstrate the dignity of the figure. Which style coat for girls fits best? There are multiple possibilities:

    • directly;
    • A-line;
    • Coat;
    • Poncho;
    • On-line;

    The fur styles for fat women

    Fashion coat styles

    Stylish colors combined with noble materials make a terrific tandem. Styles Light coats a variety. The couturier presented his collections of well-known models in a new interpretation. We used different tools:

    • big buttons;
    • Asymmetry;
    • Decorative stitching;
    • Embroidery and prints;
    • a combination of several types of towels;
    • the fur trim on the doors or a veil.

    Coat Style cocoon

    Considering the species in spring coats, you should pay attention to the cocoon. This cut has several undeniable advantages:

    • the volume of refined products enhances the beauty and tenderness of a woman;
    • the loose cut can hide number mistakes;
    • Based on this style can create a series of images in different styles.

    Styles oversized coat

    Loose and slightly lowered coat style for girls is becoming increasingly popular. Underneath you can wear clothes and not restrict movements. The feeling of comfort, freedom and lightness impress fashion fans the most. These outerwear can be combined with elegant high-heel boots and comfortable sneakers, which are practically suitable for many everyday tasks.

    Styles hooded coat

    The styles of winter coats are presented in a wide range. When choosing a model, pay attention to the material from which it was made. It has to be warm, abrasion resistant and easy to clean. In addition, the presence of the hood prefers. It reliably protects against sudden wind, rain and cold. This is perfect for women who do not like to wear hats.

    Styles Combo Coat

    For charismatic women who love original things, designers have prepared an interesting coat style. As a rule, they are formed by combinations of several materials. The more unusual the combination, the more unique the result. The most common variant – the use of fur. You, maybe, no surprise. Newer are the options with leather sleeves or sewn pockets. Sometimes the lines use the same fabric, but in different shades.

    Style coat

    The selection of designs cashmere coats are in great demand. This soft, lightweight material has become a symbol of luxury and excellent taste. One of the most popular cut with the smell. It is characterized by the lack of buckles and belts made of the same fabric as outerwear. The length may vary, but the sleeves are always classic. The floor is usually easily exposed.

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