Styles of long skirts – the most fashionable winter and summer models

Styles of long skirts – the most fashionable winter and summer models
Various styles of long skirts are suitable for work, outings or evening events. Thanks to the maxi length, they effectively camouflage their owner’s figure flaws, but they do not rob her femininity and elegance.

Maxi skirts today are at the forefront of popularity among ladies of various ages. These products look incredibly feminine and elegant and can create an atmosphere of mystery and lightness around their owner. Styles of long skirts is very diverse, and choose your option easily.

Styles of the long skirts 2018

Each season, the trends are adapted to women’s clothing. The maxi-length items always find their place in the hearts of the fairer good, but they can look different from the perspective of style. Fashion styles long skirts in 2018, represented mainly by the following options:

  • Folding models;
  • Skirts-the sun, whose top can be mounted on the gum or the belt;

  • Products cut the “bell”, which is reminiscent of the previous version, but not so abundant;
  • The godet skirt, reaching to the bottom or ankle, is a great choice for special occasions. In the meantime, if you want this outfit to be worn for a romantic date or a meeting with friends;

  • Particularly relevant in the summer are the stacked articles made of fine fabrics; [19659006] Finally, the main hit of the year 2018 in everyday life will be a charming A-line skirt made of denim of different densities.

Long warm skirts, models 2018

With the onset of the cold season, the lovely ladies still want to be feminine and goodually attractive. You will be helped in this long skirt, winter fashion that can warm its owner even in the dead of winter. Such products are almost impossible to freeze, and their appearance is just amazing. The winter models, which are especially popular with girls and women, have the following possibilities in 2018:

  • Flared skirt;
  • Slinky Knit;

  • multi-level model that hides the contours of the feet;
  • original asymmetrical solution, with sloping seams or different lengths front and back;

  • simple straight skirt made of thick materials and dark colors.

Styles long summer skirts 2018

In summer, a maxi skirt will certainly find its place in the wardrobe of the fair good. They create a feminine and romantic pictures are perfect for walks, romantic dates and meetings with friends. In addition, some styles of long skirts can successfully replace a pair and be a great alternative to this thing during a beach vacation.

In the year 2018 at the top of the popularity, there are different models of skirts on the floor, retro variations with ruffles and pleats, laconic skirt-the sun and the bell. In addition, you can use the current trend of the stratification during the trip and take some step skirts made of fine natural materials.

Styles long summer skirts 2018

Long skirts – fashion styles

Many beautiful women’s long skirt on the floor, whose styles are extremely diverse, associated with excessive rigidity, rigor and chastity. In fact, it’s not quite true, as modern stylists and designers have come up with many interesting variations that can make any girl look attractive and seductive.

Thus, some of the styles of long women’s skirts are complemented by a tall slim slit legs around its owner. Some of them may be the empire waist or Basque, thanks to which part of the body on the waist will look much slimmer and slimmer. A special place among the whole range of such products is the model Body Confit – they smoothly draw attention to female curves and curves, but emphasize them not too strong and make the picture vulgar.

Long skirts – fashion styles

Styles long straight skirts

Any model of long straight skirts looks simple, but can be part of a spectacular image for different situations. These products are great for hiding defects or completeness of the feet, so they are perfect for women with problematic figures. The most popular options include a direct skirt maxi slit, which makes the fashion extremely feminine and goody, and the model with the smell, the waist is tight.

Cuts Bouffant long skirts

Luscious models long skirts are made of different materials, among which are dense and lightweight. Latest create the effect of lightness and romance, perfect for summer hikes. Thick heavy fabric options would be suitable for an evening event, but ladies are aware that they can add volume to the silhouette and make a figure proportionless.

The styles of long skirts with the smell

Smelling is one of those women’s garments that always portrays the figure of their owner in the most favorable light. For the girls who prefer skirts, models with smell are one of the best options because they are at least slightly open-legs ladies and make them look incredibly attractive. Such a product is cautious and laconic, but with the right choice of the various components of the fashion image, you can emphasize the beauty and gooduality of a woman.

Styles of long denim skirts

Practical and versatile denim maxi skirt has many different styles, which are characterized by some special features. So, among the wide range of women’s apparel manufacturers are the following items:

  • Denim maxi skirt with the smell;
  • Mermaid – an unusual cut of the skirt on the floor, which does not easily fit into the picture of a modern fashionista;
  • playful and flirtatious skirts – the sun;
  • simple trapeze that can be supplemented with a vertical line of buttons on the front;
  • elegant pencil skirts.

Long skirt – Asymmetric styles

Modern styles of long skirts for girls are often characterized by a pronounced or subtle asymmetry. It gives such garments an original look, thanks to which young ladies are the most attractive. Thus, in the series manufacturers can meet the types of long skirts, in front of the opening slender legs, model cascade, whose length varies across the surface, causing the edge of these products is a bit like a ladder and variants with oblique hem.

In addition, there may be a slight asymmetry in the style design of such garments. This can be expressed in the form of a single-sided application bag or a decorative zipper, the difference in the color or texture of the product sections or asymmetrical sections.

Styles long, narrow skirts

Wearing tight skirt maxi obliges the woman to a slim and proportional figure, because this product is the downside of the silhouette and the extra pounds are revealed. This option is ideal for a romantic date, a dinner party or going out. On special occasions you can use these beautiful styles of long skirts like the pencil – these models in the upper part are narrow, while in the lower section is slightly different.

Long skirt, style – sun

Many models of long skirts for the summer have cut “the sun”, which is characterized by the simplicity of tailoring. In the unfolded form, this product looks like a perfectly smoothed circle, the wedges form an extra volume and make this option very interesting. Styles of long skirts cut “sun” in the lower part is completely identical and differ only in the area of ​​the belt. So you can start with an elastic headband, wide belt or a standard fit without changing the proportions of the figure.

Long skirts for full

Ladies with appetizing shapes often choose maxi skirts, as they tend to be shy in most cases and want to hide from over-greasy legs. Every year stylists and designers develop new ways for this category of beautiful ladies to look and feel confident and comfortable. Particularly advantageous are the following models of long skirts for fat women:

  • Pencil skirt, can turn even the most disproportionate figure into “hourglass”;
  • Knitted long skirts for women to be full but also accepted must be made of dense materials and have a muted hue or small print;
  • very impressive appearance of the product, which consists of several frills and tails. For girls with size plus-size is very important that these elements do not lie in a horizontal direction;
  • for chubby girls with protruding tummy on a perfect high-waist A-silhouette model. With a loose cut he perfectly camouflages the flaws of the figure;
  • finally, the style of the year can be chosen for the publication of “beauties”, however it is not recommended to give preference to those variants where the torch above starts the knee, as this adds unnecessary volume.

Long skirts for full

Fashionable pictures with a long skirt

Beautiful and stylish long skirts allow women and girls to create bright and attractive pictures for different situations. So most of these everyday products can be complemented with a simple and suave casual-style blouse or a classic shirt. In cooler weather, this look looks great in the ensemble with a cardigan or a cuddly jacket made of tweed.

Business women can wear these fashionable long skirts, like a pencil or a year. They should be combined with classic blazers and white blouses to fill the interior. Business-style image does not stand up to the lack of a heel, so it will be safe to grab elegant genuine leather shoes with heel heights of 5-7 cm.

In the heat of summer, young ladies can wear this tiered maxi skirt made of lightweight materials, comfortable sandals and a cute crop top or tank top. To keep warm at the onset of the wind, this outfit can complement a Flirty Gensoukai. After all, many of these products are perfect for evening events. In this case, it must be the light silk or satin blouse, elegant high-heeled bolero shoes and elegant little clutch bag.

Fashionable pictures with a long skirt

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