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Stylish hairstyles with long bangs

Pony is an excellent choice for changing looks without losing its length. There are many different pony styles that you can choose from baby pony too Page swept pony but today we will talk about long pony.

Long bangs are perfect for creating the illusion of more symmetrical face shape and hidden wide forehead. You can add any hairstyle you like to bangs, from gorgeous bob haircuts to super long hair you can even cut long pony with pixie.

Before you decide on a young pony style, you should know that your bangs should be suitable for your hair type and face shape. If you like a long face shape long pony would have been a good idea to make your face shape look much more oval. Long pony can be parted in the middle, if you have long hairstyle and fine hair. Side swept long bang would definitely look gorgeous on women with heart-shaped faces. If you want to wear a stylish Pixie haircut, would also be a longer one Pixie with a long pony a good choice!

1. Side Swept Long Bangs

Hairstyles with long bangs

2. Alyssa Campanella

3. Asymmetrical short hairstyles with a long bangs

Long pony hairstyles

4. Golden Brown with a long pony

Haircuts with long bangs

5. Short wavy bob with long pony style



Hairstyles with long bangs-7




Hairstyles with a long pony-10







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